General Sessions

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
6:30 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1089 Blind & Low Vision Orientation at CSUN San Diego Barbara Runco
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1002 Using Technology for Employment: Reasonable Accommodations and Telework Best Practices Dinah F. B. Cohen
Sharon Terrell-Lindsay
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1047 Development of Smartpen-Based Audio/Tactile Transit Station Maps for Travel Planning and Wayfinding Joseph Kehret
Steven Landau
Joshua Miele
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1052 Answering Visual Questions with oMoby and VizWiz Jeffrey Bigham
Pierre Garrigues
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2039 Before Training begins: Assessing Computer Competencies John De Witt
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2006 Dynamic Keyboard Generation for Single Switch Users Ted Drake
Nate Ebrahimoon
Simon King
K-12 Education K12-2012 Accessible Robotics for Visually Impaired Teens: Resources, Activities, and Opportunities Stephanie Ludi
K-12 Education K12-1018 Computers, Literacy and Young Children with Severe and Multiple Disabilities Pati King-DeBaun
Other OTH-2025 Explorations and Discoveries with Universal Design for Learning (UDL): The Research Continues Sarah Bryans Bongey
Postsecondary Education PSE-2020 Advisory Commission on Accessible Instructional Materials in Postsecondary Education Update Gaeir Dietrich
Skip Stahl
Postsecondary Education PSE-1019 AT in the Classroom and Beyond Liz Miller
Kara Zirkle
Postsecondary Education PSE-1009 Integrating Developmental AT Education Into Special Education Programs at East Carolina University Melissa Engleman
Alana Zambone
Postsecondary Education PSE-1010 MiraCosta Community College’s Universal Design Program: Passport to Success for All Students Robert Erichsen
Michelle Farnam
Clayton Littrell
Charlie Medina
Nancy Schaefer
Web Accessibility WEB-3001 Accessibility Challenges of HTML5 Ted Drake
Todd Kloots
Web Accessibility WEB-1005 Challenges of Designing, Coding and Building Accessible Mobile Apps Preety Kumar
Web Accessibility WEB-2045 How IBM is Making its Web Applications More Accessible David Todd
Web Accessibility WEB-2029 How to Make Friends and Remove Access Barriers In Open Source Software Eitan Isaacson
Web Accessibility WEB-1030 PDF Portfolios: Accessible Interactive Collections of Documents and Multimedia Files Andres Gonzalez
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1003 Assistive Technology to Promote Aging in Place Jewell Dickson
Greshundria Raines
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1026 Emerging Developments in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Frank DeRuyter
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1008 Using Technology to Enhance the Classroom: Strategies for Children with Autism Lori Dahlquist
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2062 An On-line Approach to Job Readiness Via Distance Learning Larry Lewis
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1058 Assisting Students, Workers and Community Members Using Remote Services Amy Hyman
Mark Nelson
Jeffrey Williams
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2031 Making Classrooms, Conferences and Presentations Accessible with The AE Hotspot Ricky Enger
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1076 Making Tactile Graphics Clara Van Gerven
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1020 Progress in Meeting TV User Requirements for Accessibility: A Global Perspective Larry Goldberg
Brad Hodges
Richard Orme
Paul Schroeder
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2002 99 Tips for the Use of Mobile Phones for Students with Disabilities E.A. Draffan
Takeo Kondo
Kenryu Nakamura
Kohei Oka
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1011 Functional Evaluation for Assistive Technology in Considering AT for Students with Disabilities Hui-Ching Ko
Employment EMP-2009 Learn About Executive Order 13548 Lynnae Ruttledge
Christine Griffin
Kareem Dale
Dinah F. B. Cohen
Jo Linda Johnson
K-12 Education K12-1010 How to Get eBooks and Make Them Accessible with Read:OutLoud Jason Burke
Other OTH-2009 Academic Exploration through Switch Access Kelly Fonner
Scott Marfilius
Other OTH-1016 Building IT Accessibility Awareness and Community Using the Barcamp/Unconference Format Jennison Asuncion
James Timony
John F Croston
Other OTH-1034 Internet TV, Remote Control, Set Top Box, Apps and Programming Guide Accessibility Christine Banke
Phill Jenkins
Dan Shire
Other OTH-2003 Working with Blio, the eReader with Accessibility for All Forrest Dobbs
Postsecondary Education PSE-2011 Overcoming Accessibility Challenges of an Enterprise IT System for Students with Disabilities Rick Bowes
Web Accessibility WEB-1066 Accessibility at Google Naomi Bilodeau
Sean Washington
Web Accessibility WEB-1052 Accessible HTML with Adobe Authoring Tools Matt May
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2001 Innovations in Accessibility: Designing for Digital Outcasts Kel Smith
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2056 Comparing Notetakers and Mainstream Alternatives Tony Olivero
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1046 iPhone Accessibility Explored Peter Cantisani
Mike May
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2077 JAWS for Windows: 12 New Features Eric Damery
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1060 Using the Lime Lighter to Facilitate Music Reading James Palmer
Blind/Low Vision BLV-3024 Virtual Environment to Improve Orientation Skills in Unknown Spaces by Blind People David Brown
Yuri Danilov
Luis Goncalves
Orly Lahav
Lotfi Merabet
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2001 Caption Accuracy Metrics: Solutions for Automatic Methods of Measuring Caption Quality Marcia Brooks
Larry Goldberg
Trisha OConnell
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2003 IBM AbilityLab Digital Media Captioner and Editor Cole Miyamoto
Ali Sobhi
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2023 Broadband Awareness, Access, & Adoption for the Disability Community Martin Sweeney
Employment EMP-2004 Employment: May the (Work) Force Be With You: Rethink Possible Joanna Clark
Elizabeth Dixon
Susan Mazrui
Lou Rosas
Roman Smith
K-12 Education K12-1002 Math Support + Boardmaker Studio = Math Instruction for All Enid Hurtado
Other OTH-2001 Need for and Benefits of a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) Larry Goldberg
Eve Hill
George Kerscher
Axel Leblois
Clayton Lewis
Madeleine Rothberg
Cyndi Rowland
Rich Schwerdtfeger
Jim Tobias
Gregg Vanderheiden
Postsecondary Education PSE-1003 Assistive Technologies at Santa Monica College Thomas Peters
Postsecondary Education PSE-2021 From Procedure to Policy: Organizing College AT in a Chaotic World James Bailey
Web Accessibility WEB-2033 Accessible HTML5 Media Players, Captions, Audio Description, and Search Terrill Thompson
Web Accessibility WEB-1050 Adobe® Reader® X and Screen Reader Access Andres Gonzalez
Greg Pisocky
Pete De Vasto
Web Accessibility WEB-2004 Building Fully Accessible Social Software and Rich Web Applications with WAI-ARIA Damian Chojna
Matthew King
Richard Schwerdtfeger
Web Accessibility WEB-1072 The Need for a Degree in Web Science at the University Level Glenda Sims
Web Accessibility WEB-1028 Yahoo! Mail: An Accessible Hub for Your Connected Life Todd Kloots
Jonathan Snook
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2012 AAC Enhanced Web, Mobile and Open Source Editor using Concept Coding Framework Annika Brännström
Bengt Farre
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1048 A Reading Window for Visually Challenged Individuals Dominic Massaro
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2005 An LED/LCD Display Reader For Visually Impaired Users Ender Tekin
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1051 Assessing Needs of Low Vision Music Readers Dan Shephard
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2019 Outdoor Recreation Information Website Usability Study with Visually Impaired and Sighted Users Sarah Swierenga
Jieun Sung
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2074 Workplace Accommodation Use for Individuals with Vision Impairment Nathan Moon
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2004 Prompting: A Cautionary Tale of Use, Misuse and Abuse Terry Foss
Jane Korsten
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2005 Mobile Total Conversation Gregg Vanderheiden
Erik Zetterström
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2019 Bringing Navigation Indoors Kimmo Kalliola
Employment EMP-1043 U.S. Department of Labor Strategies to Implement President Obama's Call for Change Kathleen Martinez
K-12 Education K12-2017 Critically Appraised Topic on Social Stories for Increasing Social Communication Skills Ning Hsu
Learning Disabilities LRN-1001 Cloud Computing and Learning Disabilities Shilpi Kapoor
Other OTH-1024 E-Accessible Reader: The Integral Design and Standardization Marilyn Irwin
Nantanoot Suwannawut
Other OTH-2028 Utility of Wheelchair Seated Posture Measurement Based on IOS16840-1 Toru Furui
Postsecondary Education PSE-2002 Accessible eBook Reading Experiences – Meeting the Challenge Rick Bowes
Caesar Eghtesadi
Rick Johnson
1:50 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1006 AAC Device Decision-Making: New Technology (iPads, etc.) or Manufactured AAC Devices Debby McBride
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2050 Accessibility Concept Navigueo - QRCodes Fabrice Mercier
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1078 Instantaneous Access to Printed Text: OpenBook, PEARL and SARA CE Dusty Voorhees
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2016 Mobile Devices - What's What for Implementing Screenreaders and other TTS Solutions Chuck Bilow
Mary Brooner
David Dzumba
John Godfrey
Rebecca Schwartz
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2015 Repurposed Home Automation Technology Provides Environmental Controls and Monitoring Daniel Overman
Employment EMP-2002 Advancing Careers through Employees Resource Groups Bill Sciannella
Legal Issues LGL-2005 Panel on Accessible Technology Policy Eric Bridges
Lainey Feingold
Eve Hill
Phill Jenkins
Deborah Kaplan
Nathan Moon
Karen Peltz-Strauss
Jim Tobias
Terry Weaver
Other OTH-2006 Access for All: Easy-to-High-Tech EADL’s Tom Nikola
Other OTH-1010 Accessibility in Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) Sarah Herrlinger
Other OTH-1005 iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad as Assistive Technology: Ramp Up Your Knowledge Cathy Kingeter
Web Accessibility WEB-1053 Accessible Web Conferencing with Adobe Connect Andrew Kirkpatrick
Web Accessibility WEB-1044 Comparison Study of PDF Accessibility Checking Tools Christy Blew
Jon Gunderson
Web Accessibility WEB-2009 Creating Dynamic, Interactive, Accessible Flash Jonathan Avila
Ellen Crowe
Mary Lou Mendez
Web Accessibility WEB-3006 CSUN, Accessibility, and Drupal Joseph O'Connor
Pratik Patel
Kimon Rethis
Web Accessibility WEB-2015 Improving Web Accessibility for the Elderly Roger Hudson
Web Accessibility WEB-2021 Role-Based Inclusive Design Practices for Web Teams Lisa Herrod
Web Accessibility WEB-1020 The Role of Engineering for Best Practices to Create an Inclusive World Srinivasu Chakravarthula
Web Accessibility WEB-3023 Video Accessibility in User Agents Jim Allan
John Foliot
Jeanne Spellman
Web Accessibility WEB-1071 Worldspace FireEyes - A Free Tool for AJAX Applications Development Dylan Barrell
3:10 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2019 Achieving Efficiency with Eye Gaze Tanya Curtis
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2025 Video Modeling and AAC instruction: Successful Social Conversations for Beginning Communicators Pati King-DeBaun
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1079 Accessible Online Training Available for JAWS and MAGic Users from Freedom Scientific Dan Clark
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2054 AviNav: A New GPS Location and Navigation Mobile Software Application Michael Borsuk
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2014 How Infty Software Makes Mathematical Formulas and Tables Accessible in DAISY Masakazu Suzuki
Katsuhito Yamaguchi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-3021 Simple Training Tool of Auditory Obstacle Perception for the Blind Takahiro Miura
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2008 AT Requires Alternative Thinking when Matching the Needs of Students and Standards Debbie Grant
Kathie Maltby
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2011 Interpretype Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Subscription Service Ken Gan
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1009 Discover Open Source Assistive Technology Solutions 2011 Paul Lloyd
K-12 Education K12-2013 Accessibility Tool Kits for i21 Classrooms Anne Callies
Corey Straily
Learning Disabilities LRN-1003 ReacTickles: Engagement and Interaction Through Sensory Play John Huth
Other OTH-1012 Accessible Travel: Evolving the Practice of Providing Geo-Data Services to Improve Mobility Bill Curtis-Davidson
Eric Lipp
Aaron Steinfeld
Jim Tobias
Tom Wlodkowski
Other OTH-1030 Innovation 4 Access + Outreach = Inclusion Steve Jacobs CEO
Matthew Gerst
Susan Mazrui
Paul Schroeder
Amanda Stent
Other OTH-1020 Yelp & Co. - Getting Access Information through Social Networks and Apps Christiane Link
Web Accessibility WEB-1035 Case Study: California State University's Accessibility Technology Initiative Cheryl Pruitt
Dana Tannatt
Web Accessibility WEB-2008 Distance Education and Accessibility in the Age of the Internet Jayme Johnson
Web Accessibility WEB-2014 How to Eat an Elephant: Tackling Web Accessibility in a Large Corporation Lisa Barnett
Wes Dillon
Preety Kumar
Sharron Rush
Elle Waters
Web Accessibility WEB-2046 Screen Reader Web Accessibility Face-off Jared Smith
Jon Whiting
Web Accessibility WEB-1059 Using Adobe Acrobat® X Action Wizards for Accessibility Repair Greg Pisocky

Thursday, March 17, 2011
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1024 Cost-Effective AAC Lori Dahlquist
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2005 TouchChat: The New Communication Application for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad Belva Holman
Nancy Inman
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2027 New Video Magnifiers: An Overview and Hands-On Session Fredrik Cornelius
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1005 Time Orientation Device for Disabled People: Do You Want to Assess It? Roberto Casas
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1012 AEGIS Project: Studying Real Time-Text Communications for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Jon Azpiroz
Greg Fields
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-3008 Toward Sign Language Indexing and Retrieval Kabil Jaballah
K-12 Education K12-1001 300 Switch Hits in an Hour Mark Larson
K-12 Education K12-1004 News-2-You and Unique Learning System: The Complete Curriculum Package Jacquie Clark
K-12 Education K12-1003 VizZle: 21st Century Learning in the Autism Classroom Anthony Gerke
Other OTH-1008 “Get real” using NFPA’s Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities Allan Fraser
Other OTH-1011 Accessibility in Brazil and Mexico; Challenges Faced and Obstacles Overcome Lucy Gruenwald
Marisol Miranda
Other OTH-1042 Managing Accessibility Compliance in the Enterprise Karl Groves
Other OTH-1002 Transit Communications Accessibility Gaps Marcia Brooks
Trisha OConnell
Madeleine Rothberg
Postsecondary Education PSE-2012 PC-Reading: Danish National Research Project for Adults with Dyslexia Using AT Erik Arendal
Web Accessibility WEB-2034 Case Study: How CA Technologies established a 508-compliant Video Standards Program Mike Paciello
Web Accessibility WEB-2019 Next Generation Web Accessibility: Improvement of Usability for Disabled Users Jose Artur Antao Ortega
Web Accessibility WEB-2022 The Status of Web Accessibility in Higher Education Jon Gunderson
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1006 Aging, Disability and Cultural Diversity: Connecting the Dots Yanira Cruz
Avalyn Jackson
Alfred Moye
Margaret Remis
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1031 SpeechTree™ AAC and Language Learning Program Demonstration Angela Desideri
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1040 7 Reasons Why 2011 will be a Good Year for Math Accessibility Neil Soiffer
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1026 New Applications of Accessible "Indoor & Outdoor" Wayfinding Technology for Blind Travelers Joe Cioffi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2017 New Solutions for Vision-Impaired Mac Users Mark Coppin
David Niemeijer
Luis Perez
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1030 Seven Accessible GPS Options: From the iPhone to the PC Mike May
Mary Terlau
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1034 WiiCane Steven Landau
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2013 Voice to Text -- Successes and Challenges Philip Hyssong
K-12 Education K12-1022 AIM to Start Early: Implementing Accessible Materials with Young Children Kelly Fonner
Scott Marfilius
Donna McNear
K-12 Education K12-2009 Anytime, Anywhere Literacy Support with Kurzweil 3000 Web License v12 David Bradburn
K-12 Education K12-1014 Beyond Social Stories: Complete Language Approach to Social Skills Training Jean Slater
K-12 Education K12-2027 The RESNA ATP - AT Specialists in Education Fred Tchang
Legal Issues LGL-2001 A Case Study in Section 508 Compliance Yolonda Humphrey
Kenneth Morrill
Kyle Zdanowski
Legal Issues LGL-1043 FCC Public Hearing: 21st Century Communications & Video Accessibility Act of 2010 Pam Gregory
Jamal Mazrui
Karen Peltz-Strauss
Other OTH-2007 Bookshare: Supporting Undergraduate Research with Full Text Search Cherie Miller
Other OTH-2037 Building High Performance AT Apps Using Windows UI Automation Guy Barker
Other OTH-1027 DO-IT: Replication of Evidence-Based Practices in Japan and South Korea Sheryl Burgstahler
Takeo Kondo
Web Accessibility WEB-1056 Advice from the Field: Processes that Work to Ensure PDF Accessibility Vincent François
Web Accessibility WEB-2041 Successfully Integrating Accessibility in your Organization's Web Development Lifecycle Denis Boudreau
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1017 AAC, Aging, and Telephone Relay Access Technology Bob Segalman
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2020 Behavior Solutions and Autism: Light to High Tech AAC Kimberly Benyon
Enid Hurtado
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2027 Effectively Implementing Communication Apps for iPad: Proloquo2Go, ArtikPix, and Pictello Mark Coppin
David Niemeijer
Eric Sailers
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1034 The New AAC: Cheap and Disruptive? Joseph O'Connor
Glenda Watson Hyatt
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2090 Social networking and edutainment features on Braille notetakers: a new concept Scott Hegle
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1081 Software and Magnification Solutions for Low Vision Students Brad Davis
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1067 The Great Equalizer: Android-Based, Open Source, Assistive Technology Software Steve Jacobs CEO
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1059 VoiceOver in Mac OS X Snow Leopard Sarah Herrlinger
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2003 Positive Results of a Computerized Analogical Reasoning Test in People with Disabilities Caroline Bruttin
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1014 Sign of the Times: From Traditional Telephone Relay Service to Video Link Robert Gorman
Wayne Hoang
Avalyn Jackson
Kenya Lowe
Guillermina (Gail) Sanchez
Claude Stout
K-12 Education K12-1023 AIM using Tactile, Auditory, Visual Modalities with Portable Tools Donna McNear
Other OTH-1015 Applying Everyday Technologies to Meet the Needs of Individuals with Disabilities Holly Cohen
Other OTH-2038 Testing for Accessibility - Tools and Techniques Brett Humphrey
Other OTH-1041 The Role of the Rehabilitation Professional in Identifying Assistive Technology Solutions Behnush Barzegarian
Caren Sax
Postsecondary Education PSE-2022 SciTrain University: Making Science and Engineering Education Accessible for All University Students Nathan Moon
David Morton
Stephen Rehberg
Robert Todd
Tris Utschig
Web Accessibility WEB-2040 Advancing Mobile Usability and Web Access for Everyone Brian Cragun
David Dracoules
Web Accessibility WEB-3049 HTML 5 Accessibility Steve Faulkner
John Foliot
Richard Schwerdtfeger
Cynthia Shelly
Web Accessibility WEB-2027 Worldspace FireEyes – a Free Tool for AJAX Application development Dylan Barrell
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1015 AAC in Autism: A Comparison of PECS and Speech Output Technology Miriam Boesch
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2002 A New Paradigm for Affordable Braille Displays - The Process and Product Deane Blazie
Brian MacDonald
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2008 Best Practice Guidelines for Evaluating Wayfinding Technologies for People with Visual Impairments James Marston
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2068 Distance Education for Visually Impaired Students: Recommendations Based on a Case Study Pablo Rebaque-Rivas
Llorenç Sabate-Jardi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2025 WearaBraille Update: Using Smith-Kettlewell’s Prototype, Virtual, Wireless, Braille Keyboard with Smartphones Owen Edwards
Joshua Miele
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-3004 A Non-Invasive Brain-Computer Interface for Autonomous Wheelchair Mobility C.T. Lin
K-12 Education K12-2016 Accessibility Demonstration Experiences Lisa Tang
K-12 Education K12-2024 Embodied Interaction Video Game (EIVG) for Students with Special Needs Hui-Ching Ko
Other OTH-1036 An Introduction to Assistive Technology Applications Certificate Program (ATACP) Damien Wimbush
Other OTH-2013 Assessment of Assistive Technology: How to Make it Effective Roberto Casas
Other OTH-2018 Cross-Cultural Study of Reading Support with Digital Media E.A. Draffan
Mamoru Iwabuchi
Toshihiro Kono
Kenryu Nakamura
Postsecondary Education PSE-1004 California State University Accessibility Technology Initiative and the Academic Library Linda Salem
Postsecondary Education PSE-1005 CSUN's Master's Degrees in AT-MS in Engineering & MS in Human Services Jennifer Kalfsbeek
Web Accessibility WEB-1012 Effective Video Captioning Using Collaborative Editing Kohtaroh Miyamoto
Reiko Nagatsuma
12:45 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Legal Issues LGL-1042 FEATURED SPEAKER-12:45-1:30 pm Presentation on the Administration’s Accessibility & Technology Work Kareem Dale
1:50 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1021 Communicating with My iPad: Individualizing Proloquo2Go Susan Berkowitz
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1010 Making AAC Therapy Fun: Motivating Children with Autism to Speak Christine Grubbs
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1049 Access to Television, the Future, World Blind Union User Requirements, Your Say Mike Townsend
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1010 Culture for All – Museum Guidance with TANIA-Basic Andreas Hub
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1082 Introducing PAC Mate 6.5 for PAC Mate Omni Accessible Pocket PC Ron Miller
Jonathan Mosen
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2028 Web Radio and Podcasting on the Plextalk Pocket Wirelessly TATSUO NISHIZAWA
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1088 Windows 7 Accessibility Secrets Jason Grieves
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2010 CART: Bringing the Spoken Word to Veterans with Hearing Loss Allen Ford
Sharaine Rawlinson Roberts
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1025 Emerging Technologies From Head to Toe: Smart Phones to Smart Shoes Aaron Bangor
Steve Burger
Avalyn Jackson
Jim Tobias
Leo Velazquez
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2016 Research on Emerging Technologies: A Panel Speaks about Research Funded by NCTI Tracy Gray
Cheryl Knight
Annuska Perkins
K-12 Education K12-1007 Fluency Tutor-Online Reading Fluency Development and Assessment Solution for All Students Madeline Pan
K-12 Education K12-2028 Solving Arithmetic Problems by the Blind: Does Dimensionality Really Make a Difference? Arthur Karshmer
Legal Issues LGL-1044 Listening Session & Public Forum on Information Technology in the Federal Sector Frank Baitman
David Capozzi
Deborah Kaplan
Craig Luigart
Kimberly Zeich
Web Accessibility WEB-2002 Accessibility of Learning Management Systems: Comparing Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle, SAKAI Ken Petri
Hadi Rangin
Marc Thompson
Web Accessibility WEB-1055 Adobe Open Forum Andrew Kirkpatrick
Web Accessibility WEB-1010 Creating Accessible ePub Documents for the iPad Mark Coppin
Luis Perez
Web Accessibility WEB-2042 Teaching Web Accessibility at the Source: in a University Web Design Class Howard Kramer
Vijay Patel
Web Accessibility WEB-1073 The Need for a Degree in Web Science at the University Level Glenda Sims
Web Accessibility WEB-1024 Web Accessibility is About People: A Tour of New WAI Resources Shawn Henry
3:10 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2003 Demonstrating MyTalk AAC App for i-Products & Android – Parents, SLPs, Users Deborah Nelson
Bick Pratt
Tammy Taylor
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1011 Language and Literacy Learning Using High Tech AAC Kimberly Benyon
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1038 Digital Accessible Books: An Effective Solution for Digital Learners with Print Disabilities Kristina Cohen
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2065 Survey: Assistive Technologies for Blind and Visually-Impaired People Martin Dorigo
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2022 Tactile Graphic Literacy: Reading More Than Words Lucia Hasty
Dawn Wilkinson
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2083 Using JAWS with Visual Studio 2010 to Create Accessible WPF Applications Glen Gordon
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2002 Let’s Read and Write - Instruction for Students with Significant Disabilities Kathy Staugler
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2014 Providing Information to Those Who Need It to Get You Out Safely Joe Scarpetta
Learning Disabilities LRN-1007 Co:Writer 6--Bring Us Your Tired Writers, Your Poorest Performers Mary Jo Barry
Legal Issues LGL-1003 Tackling Web Accessibility: A Campus Case Study of a Ten Year Struggle Lucinda Aborn
Ty Bowman
Other OTH-2019 Conducting Effective Accessibility Buy-In Sessions: A Key to Success Shawn Henry
Postsecondary Education PSE-1006 Demonstrating the LecShare PowerPoint Wizard Beth Coombs
Norman Coombs
Postsecondary Education PSE-3016 The Viability of Creating an Accessible Curriculum Vincent Martin
Web Accessibility WEB-1003 Accessible Apps as Change Agents: Top iPhone Apps Improve Productivity, Independence Mika Pyyhkala
Web Accessibility WEB-2036 Changing Realities for Accessibility in Virtual Worlds Charles Morris
Janyth Ussery
Denise Wood
Web Accessibility WEB-1043 Do We Need to Change the Web Accessibility Game Plan? Jennison Asuncion
John Foliot
Jared Smith
Sandi Wassmer
Web Accessibility WEB-1064 The Current State of Accessibility among the Top On-line Retail Sites Donald Evans
Jim Thatcher
Web Accessibility WEB-2060 Using Adobe® InDesign® to Author Accessible PDF Greg Pisocky
Web Accessibility WEB-2025 Web Accessibility: Future Scan, and the Importance of Participatory Vigilance Judy Brewer
4:20 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2023 Communication Performance of People with Aphasia Using Visual Scenes: A Research Review David Beukelman
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2028 Environmental Communication Teaching: AAC in the Classroom Case Studies Susie Blackstien-Adler
Kelly Fonner
Marguerite Horney
Ruth Solis
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1002 New AAC and Educational Apps for iPad Sooin Lee
Manjiri Patkar
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2044 Accessing Blackboard in Higher Education for the Blind Using Window-Eyes Jeremy Curry
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1080 Braille Anywhere with Focus 40 Blue Bluetooth Braille Display Jonathan Mosen
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1042 Computer Vision: What Can We See and Where Can We Go? Dave Raistrick
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1015 How to Make Touch Screen Mobile Phones Accessible to the Blind Caroline Ragot
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2073 i-access® – How Vision Australia is Improving Access to Information Andrew Furlong
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2004 iGlasses: Improving Speech Understanding in Face-to-Face Communication and Classroom Situations Dominic Massaro
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1020 CyberCoach™: An Automated Phone System for Helping Persons with Traumatic Brain Injuries123 Jim Schroeder
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1028 Eye-Hand Coordination Assessment/Therapy Using a Robotic Haptic Device Norali Pernalete
Legal Issues LGL-1006 How to Improve Section 508 E-learning Compliance and Workload with Simple Tools Ellen Crowe
Fred DiFiore
Postsecondary Education PSE-1008 In-Folio: An Accessible e-Portfolio for Students with Disabilities Shirley Evans
Web Accessibility WEB-2047 Moodle – Using Open Source Software to Deliver Accessible Online Courses Brian Charlson
Mark Sadecki
Web Accessibility WEB-1048 Need for Web Accessibility in Developing Countries Srinivasu Chakravarthula

Friday, March 18, 2011
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1005 Adapted User Interface Solutions on Smartphone's for Seniors Greg Fields
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2004 It's Not Rocket Science: AAC Language Intervention Through Science Curriculum Kara Bidstrup
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1045 Back to Black and White - Software to Develop Visual Skills Roger Bates
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1084 Software and Magnification Solutions for Low Vision Students Brad Davis
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2064 Trekker Breeze: GPS for Children and Adults with Visual Impairments Julie Hapeman
Greg Stilson
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2009 The Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia®: A Web-based Prescription for Autism Education Chata Dickson
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1026 Tactile Personal Navigation Belt John Zelek
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2027 The Anatomy of a Landmark Law Larry Goldberg
Mark Richert
Paul Schroeder
Employment EMP-2007 The Internet as an Accessible Employment Environment Carmit-Noa Shpigelman
Employment EMP-1006 The Latest in Accessibility of Oracle’s Platform, Technologies and Applications Peter Korn
Peter Wallack
K-12 Education K12-2026 Teaching Children Eye Gaze Access Tanya Curtis
K-12 Education K12-1005 Update Stages Framework: Diagnostic for Learners with Cognitive Challenge Suzanne Feit
Other OTH-1022 Universal Access: USB Technology For All Joel Fernandes
Postsecondary Education PSE-1015 The Growing Challenges for Accessible Distance Learning Philip Voorhees
Web Accessibility WEB-2032 Accessible Analytics: Complex Charts, Large Datasets, and Node Diagrams Brian Cragun
Andi Snow-Weaver
Web Accessibility WEB-1070 How to Eat an Elephant: Tackling Web Accessibility in a Large Corporation Lisa Barnett
Wes Dillon
Preety Kumar
Elle Waters
Web Accessibility WEB-1026 WebAIM's Screen Reader User Surveys: Data and Trends Jared Smith
Jon Whiting
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1032 An Evaluation/Intervention Model for Persons with Intellectual Disability who Use AAC Christine Valiquette
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2022 Clinical Implications of a Symbol Taxonomy for AAC – Electronic and Manual Bruce Baker
Lyle Lloyd
Eric Nyberg
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2033 Communication in a Fast Paced Society – A Consumer's Perspective Rick Hohn
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2004 Adaptive High-speed Playback Technology and Multilingual Support for DAISY Book Listening Naoyuki Tazawa
Shinichi Torihara
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2069 The Digital Image and Graphic Resources for Accessible Materials (DIAGRAM) Center Betsy Beaumon
Geoff Freed
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1061 Use of Social Networks by the Blind Tony Olivero
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1015 Microsoft Office - New Accessibility Plug-ins Jim Durkin
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1021 Open Source as a Globally Emerging Option Bryen Yunashko
K-12 Education K12-2029 Sorting Through Portable EReaders Kelly Fonner
Scott Marfilius
Donna McNear
Learning Disabilities LRN-1008 Integrating the New Common Core State Standards with Tomorrow’s Technology Steve Boyle
Legal Issues LGL-1004 The FCC Chairman's Accessibility & Innovation Initiative Pam Gregory
Jamal Mazrui
Karen Peltz-Strauss
Legal Issues LGL-1002 Troubling Triangles: Legal Challenges Involving Third Parties and Technology Karla Gilbride
Larry Paradis
Other OTH-2023 The Virtual Keyboard Interface: Improving Access to Mouse-Intensive Applications Alan Cantor
Web Accessibility WEB-2061 Making Rich Internet Applications Accessible Through jQuery Chris Blouch
Web Accessibility WEB-1058 PDF Accessibility Best Practices for Authors Greg Pisocky
Web Accessibility WEB-1031 Understanding and Planning for the Changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act Ken Nakata
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1009 It’s Time to Share: AMDi’s Activity Exchange Allison Yates
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1043 A Review of Video Magnifiers and Their Use Joe Buttazzoni
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1032 Access to Internet Content and Daisy Books without a PC! Werner Haan
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2085 MAGic and JAWS with Dual Monitor in the Workplace Dusty Voorhees
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2036 Two Android Tools for Remote Control and Gesture Navigation of Video Programming Brad Hodges
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2009 What is Real Time Text & How Do We Make It Real? Mary Brooner
Brian Daly
Cheryl Heppner
Michael Milligan
Jim Nixon
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1022 Academic Considerations for Mobile Platforms Jayme Johnson
Sean Keegan
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1012 Making Heads or Tails of Accessibility in Virtual Worlds Jolie Mason
Charles Morris
Louise Nicholson
Janyth Ussery
Employment EMP-1005 Transitioning Youths Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing: Accommodation Situations and Solutions Teresa Goddard
K-12 Education K12-2015 AT Consults through Web Conferencing: The Future of AT Services Mystie Rail
Fred Tchang
K-12 Education K12-1020 Universally-Designed Tools and Strategies for Struggling Students Kirk Behnke
Cecilia Robinson
Learning Disabilities LRN-1006 Convert EPUB and Other Electronic Files to Accessible DAISY Books, Enjoy Anywhere Liliana Acosta
Mary Jo Barry
Jeff Bazer
Other OTH-1039 Accessible Touch Screen Interactions Larry Weiss
Annuska Perkins
Daniel Hubbell
Other OTH-1026 Developments of Support Equipment in Engineer’s 3 Months Hospitalization Kyota Aoki
Masaki Kimura
Shinjiro Murayama
Other OTH-2004 Using Dragon Scripting Language Objects with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro Ed. Rosenthal
Postsecondary Education PSE-2014 The ATPC and the AccessText Network - A Productive Alternative Media Collaboration Michael Bastine
Christopher Lee
Web Accessibility WEB-2054 Adobe Flex Best Practices – What to Expect Jonathan Avila
Matt May
Web Accessibility WEB-1013 How to Control Your Finances with Accessible Tools on Yahoo! Finance Ted Drake
Dirk Ginader
Web Accessibility WEB-1016 Preview of the Upcoming WAVE 5 from WebAIM Aaron Andersen
Diogenes Hernandez
Web Accessibility WEB-1069 The Current State of Accessibility Among the Top On-line Retail Sites Donald Evans
Jim Thatcher
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2014 AAC Device Control Using the Eye-Com Biosensor-Communicator-Controller William Torch
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1003 Adaptations for Making Astronomy and Space Science Accessible to Non-Visual Learners Noreen Grice
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2063 Alternative Text for Images Lisa Tang
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1075 An Educational Software in Computer Skills for Visually Impaired Arabic-speaking Students AbdulMalik AlSalman
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2006 Assistive Technology Experience of Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments in Singapore Libby Cohen
Denise Tan
Meng Ee Wong
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2007 Assistive Technology Use by Students with Visual Impairments in Singapore Meng Ee Wong
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1033 Audio Signage, Providing Information to Increase Independence and Mobility in All Environments Danny Reiss
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2041 Dolphin ‘LaunchPad’: Integrating Web Services and Screen Reading for Productivity and Play Steve Bennett
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1072 Helene, an Open-Source and DAISY Compliant Digital Library Management System Alex Bernier
Dominique Burger
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1024 AsTeRICS – Assistive Technology Rapid Integration & Construction Set Paul Blenkhorn
Klaus Miesenberger
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2007 Cross-Cultural Study of the Use of Mobile Phones by Students with Disabilities Sheryl Burgstahler
E.A. Draffan
Mamoru Iwabuchi
Takeo Kondo
Kenryu Nakamura
Other OTH-2029 Enabling the Disabled to Fly Abdulaziz Al Mohisen
Postsecondary Education PSE-2018 A Universally Designed College Classroom to Include Students with Developmental Disabilities Mary Kelly
Web Accessibility WEB-2037 Collaborative Web Accessibility Improvement System: A Real-World Deployment Hiroshi Morimoto
Hironobu Takagi
Web Accessibility WEB-1038 Unifying Video Captions and Text-Based Audio Descriptions Chieko Asakawa
Kentarou Fukuda
Masatomo Kobayashi
Reiko Nagatsuma
Hironobu Takagi
1:50 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-3008 Future Alternatives to User Testing: Virtual User Modeling in Inclusive Product Design Joshue O'Connor
Aging and Disability AGE-1007 Technology and The Art of Aging Gracefully Shohreh Rashtian
Aging and Disability AGE-1001 Telehealth and the Elderly Donald Egolf
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2013 AAC and Switch Makeover: Jumpstarting Communication for Students with Significant Disabilities Pati King-DeBaun
Judy Lariviere
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1018 AAC on the iPod and iPad: What is New in Proloquo2Go Martijn Leopold
David Niemeijer
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1086 Accessible Online Training Available for JAWS and MAGic Users from Freedom Scientific Dan Clark
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2055 Cell Phone Accessibility Evaluation Study for Persons With Visual Impairments David Ross
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1011 DAISY 101 Gaeir Dietrich
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2037 Expanding Book Port Plus with Mac Software and Internet Connectivity Larry Skutchan
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1005 Clinical Trials of a Robotic Arm with Powered Wheelchair Users Elisabeth Clark
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2029 Development of an Interactive Information Support System for Persons with Dementia Misato Nihei
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1010 FLOSS Accessibility: An Overview and Look Toward the Future John Boyer
Joanmarie Diggs
Chris Hofstader
Janina Sajka
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2017 SSVEP BCI for Power Wheelchair Control Michael Boyce
Employment EMP-2008 Expanding the Potential of Universal Design to Remove Vocational Barriers Matthew Kaplowitz
Employment EMP-1001 What Students with Disabilities, Web Accessibility, Captioning, and Internships Have in Common Sheryl Burgstahler
Terrill Thompson
Tami Tidwell
K-12 Education K12-1021 Universally-Designed, No-Brainer, Instructional Teaching Tools for All Students (UNITTS) Tricia Goodwin
Mary Pickett
Web Accessibility WEB-1051 Accessible e-books with Adobe Digital Editions Kiran Kaja
Andrew Kirkpatrick
Web Accessibility WEB-2057 HTML 5 and Flash – An Accessibility Comparison Matt May
Steve Faulkner
Web Accessibility WEB-2063 Web Media Accessibility with HTML5 Sean Hayes
Web Accessibility WEB-1068 Worldspace FireEyes - A Free Tool for AJAX Application development Dylan Barrell
3:10 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1016 AAC: Saving Time and Getting Better Outcomes in Classrooms Bruce Baker
Deborah Witkowski
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2029 Every Move Counts, Clicks and Chats: Sensory Approach to Communication and AT Terry Foss
Jane Korsten
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2030 Evidence-Based AAC Interventions for Individuals Who Speak Mandarin Chinese Kay Chen
Katya Hill
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1007 Lite Tech & Literacy Lori Dahlquist
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1029 ReadHear Free DAISY Mac and PC Software Stephanie Turner
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1001 Low Cost or Free Tools for Adults with Developmental Disabilities Debbie Drennan
Janet Nunez
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1007 Technological Solutions in Coordinating the Interpreting Services for the Disabled Juhana Leinonen
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2003 Accessible Technologies in Retail Environments Eve Hill
Jim Tobias
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-2008 Creating a Virtual Computer Lab to Allow Worldwide Use of Adaptive/Assistive Software Angela Paprocki
Emerging Assistive Technologies TEC-1018 LookTel–Object Recognition and Remote Sighted Assistance for People with Visual Impairment Jeremi Sudol
K-12 Education K12-1008 Inclusion for the 21st Century Mary Sagstetter
K-12 Education K12-2030 Sneak Preview of the Next Version of WYNN Roberta Brosnahan
Beth Thomlinson
K-12 Education K12-1019 What the AIM and NIMAS-related Projects Can Do for You Betsy Burgess
James Higgins
Julia Myers
Joy Zabala
Learning Disabilities LRN-1002 Evaluation of Assistive Reading Software Programs by Post-secondary Students with Learning Disabilities Anne Comfort
Learning Disabilities LRN-1005 Using Accessible Course Material – You Can Do It! Kathleen Buob
Lyn Clemons
Postsecondary Education PSE-2007 Evaluating a Higher Education Inclusive Practice and Learning Scheme in the UK Shirley Evans
Postsecondary Education PSE-2013 Production of Accessible Professional Journals Ron Stewart
Web Accessibility WEB-2018 Making Internet Explorer 9 Accessible Daniel Hubbell
Sharon Newman
Cynthia Shelly
Web Accessibility WEB-1067 Managing Accessibility Compliance in the Enterprise Karl Groves
4:20 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-2004 ADA-CAT: Standards Based Assessment of the Built Environment Denis Anson
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2035 Engaging Girls with Rett Syndrome in Conversations Using Eye Gaze Technology Judy Lariviere
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1001 2-Dimensional Information Presentation Method through Tactile Perception with Touch Panel Kyota Aoki
Masaki Kimura
Shinjiro Murayama
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2013 Evaluating Screen Reading Software: A Cost Effective and Task-Based Approach Birkir Gunnarsson
Hlynur Hreinsson
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2035 Showcasing Zoom-EX Reading Technology on MAC Igor Feinberg
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2009 Who Needs Openbook 9 And/Or The New Pearl Camera? Michelle Laramie
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1006 CS4 Accessible Assessment: Is it a WANT or NEED? Suzanne Feit
K-12 Education K12-1006 Assessing Comprehension in Students Who Use Picture-Assistance Jean Slater
K-12 Education K12-1011 Empowering Students with Accessible Technology that Enables Personalized Learning Gary Moulton
Michele Paley
K-12 Education K12-1025 Enhancing Electronic Document Accessibility Using Graph Descriptions and Auditory Graphs Bruce Walker
Learning Disabilities LRN-1004 Supporting School Children with Learning Disabilities Using DAISY Multimedia in Japan Misako Nomura
Legal Issues LGL-2007 International Law and the State of Assistive Technology in the Developing World Saikat Chatterjee
Postsecondary Education PSE-2001 Accessibility of Asian Language Courses Demonstrated with Japanese Jeffrey Dell
Caleb McKinsey
Web Accessibility WEB-1017 Introducing DISTCHA - Yet Another Attempt at Killing CAPTCHA Vincent François

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