General Sessions

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
6:30 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Other OTH-1047 Blind & Low Vision Orientation at CSUN San Diego: Morning 3/24/2010 Barbara Runco
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1030 Basics Proloquo2Go Lab Mark Coppin
David Niemeijer
Eric Sailers
Samuel Sennott
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1057 Accessible GPS Overview and Comparison Mike May
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1087 Intel Reader: The new face of mobile print readers Michel Pepin
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2007 Literacy Instruction for Students with Significant Disabilities Kathy Staugler
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1053 A Web of Solutions: Maximizing Learning on the Web Kim Antonius
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1058 Accessibility support for designers in Adobe Creative Suite Greg Pisocky
K-12 Education K12-1004 Education-N-Therapy Comparison Agnes Bellel
Karen Pierce
Douglas Tibbs
K-12 Education K12-1021 Read and Write GOLD–Meeting Student Needs at School and at Home Maureen Doherty
Learning Disabilities LRN-2011 Convert It, Read It, Take It with You Part I Liliana Acosta
Mary Jo Barry
Steve Bennett
Learning Disabilities LRN-1006 Teacher’s Knowledge and Skills: Digital Comic Enhance Literacy Skills in Special Education Eydie Wilson
Other OTH-1037 AEGIS update: the first 18 months of the project Peter Korn
Karin Slegers
Other OTH-1042 Designing Accessible & Usable Application User Interfaces for Mobile Phones Greg Fields
Postsecondary Education PSE-1009 The POSITIVES Scale: A Method for Assessing Technology Accessibility in Postsecondary Education Jennison Asuncion
Catherine Fichten
Mai Nguyen
Jillian Budd
Maria Barile
Anthony Tibbs
Chris Gaulin
Rhonda Amsel
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1036 AAC in your pocket: Introduction to Proloquo2Go for iPhone and iPod David Niemeijer
Samuel Sennott
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1026 Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Overview and Inclusion in Least Restrictive Enviornments Tyler Noterman
Tiffany Nurminen
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2027 MyTalk Eliminates Cost Barrier to Fully Functional, Next Level AAC Bick Pratt
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2086 Convert It, Read It, Take It with You Part II Liliana Acosta
Mary Jo Barry
Steve Bennett
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2007 Service Based Approach to the Construction and Delivery of Audio Tactile Diagrams Dónal Fitzpatrick
Declan McMullen
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2051 The Reading Revolution Begins: Accessible Technology, Knowledge for All James Gashel
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2040 Access to PDF: Developments in the Adobe Acrobat Support of Assistive Technologies Pete De Vasto
Andres Gonzalez
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2008 How to Avoid the Top 5 Accessibility Issues on the Web Mia Lipner
Sue Martin
Mary Lou Mendez
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2021 Virtual World Interoperability and Accessibility : From Second Life to VWRAP Meadhbh Hamrick
Katherine Mancuso
K-12 Education K12-1001 Effectiveness of Text-To-Speech Software Features for Improving Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Reading Rate Hye Jin Park
Kelly Roberts
Kiriko Takahashi
Learning Disabilities LRN-2009 Take Note of OneNote; Notetaking, Organization, Collaboration and Beyond! Sherri Parkins
Kevin Reinhardt
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1010 Computer-Based Cognitive Exercising and Gaming: Examples, Research and Application Gary Moulton
Aging and Disability AGE-2006 PC Access for Aging Eyes: Free Solutions Debby Gilden
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1023 Jump Start Your AAC Evaluation Process Celeste Helling
Libby Rush
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1036 How Far Have We Come with OCR Larry Lewis
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2001 Captioning Solutions for Handheld Devices and Mobile Television Geoff Freed
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1059 Accessible eBooks-epub, DAISY, and Adobe Andrew Kirkpatrick
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1039 Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI): Highlighting Accessibility Features of Mobile Phones David Dzumba
Michael Milligan
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2025 The NPII: Accessibility for all, invocable from any computer, anywhere, anytime. Gregg Vanderheiden
K-12 Education K12-1020 Introducing Picture It v5.0 Visual Supports for Reading and Learning Roxanne Butterfield
Other OTH-2013 Clear Evidence, Better Computer Access Solutions Heidi Koester
Other OTH-1022 iPhone and iPod Touch Accessibility Sarah Herrlinger
Other OTH-1020 The Use of Virtual Worlds Among People with Disabilities Kel Smith
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1005 Considerations of Accessible Telephone Systems for People with Visual Impairments Youngmi Jun
Aging and Disability AGE-2011 Emergency Evacuation Systems for the Disabled: A Preliminary Appraisal Arthur Karshmer
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1006 EEG Based Brain Computer Interfaces for Motor Deficiency Virginia de Sa
Paul Hammon
Adam Koerner
Priya Velu
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1015 Forming a Student-Run AAC Social Club – Lessons Learned! Crystal Benavides
Rita Krupp
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1008 Advanced Auditory Menus for Universal Access to Electronic Devices Bruce Walker
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1027 Crosswatch: A System to Help Visually Impaired Pedestrians Find and Traverse Crosswalks Volodymyr Ivanchenko
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2058 Opportunity: Serotek’s RIM Makes Real-Time One-On-One Accessible Ricky Enger
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2084 Simulating vision impairments for Java/Swing developers using the NetBeans IDE Karel Van Isacker
Peter Korn
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1010 Accessibility and Usability of Web-Enhanced Instruction: Blind Student’s Challenges in Online Assessments Rakesh Babu
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1001 Joint Study Programme on Accessible Web Design (WebAccess) Klaus Miesenberger
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1037 The Myth of the Typical Screen Reader User Jared Smith
Jon Whiting
Other OTH-1048 Blind & Low Vision Orientation at CSUN San Diego: Afternoon 3/24/2010 Barbara Runco
1:50 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2029 Advanced Proloquo2Go Vocabulary Lab Mark Coppin
David Niemeijer
Eric Sailers
Samuel Sennott
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1012 Creating an AT Team/ACC Resource Center in a Small School District Courtney Bosco
Laurie DuBos
Diane McCluskey
Katie Rivera
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2052 AFB Works to Improve the Readability of Small Visual Displays Morgan Blubaugh
Lee Huffman
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1026 GPS Mobile Phone Use by Blind Travelers - Evaluating Wayfinder Access Dianne Craig
Blind/Low Vision BLV-3061 Integration of Children with Visual Disabilities Through Science Video Gaming Jaime Sanchez
Blind/Low Vision BLV-3037 Tactile Maps of Montreal Subway Stations, an Efficient Tool for Mobility Instructors Pierre Ferland
Tommy Théberge
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-3045 Accessible Firebug Demonstration Hans Hillen
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1060 Accessible Web Conferencing Update Andrew Kirkpatrick
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1004 Social Networking Tips and Tools for Accessing the Inaccessible Shadi Abou-Zahra
Karen Beauregard
Dana Marlowe
Mika Pyyhkala
Thomas Wlodkowski
Learning Disabilities LRN-2003 So, What’s the Difference? Co-Writer, Kurzweil, TextHELP, WordQ, SpellCatcher, and WYNN's Prediction Sherri Parkins
Kevin Reinhardt
Other OTH-1044 Free Open Source Accessibility with GNOME Willie Walker
Other OTH-2018 Linking Early Childhood Assessments with AT Supports: The SWEET Way Debbie Grant
Nancy Robinson
Kathleen Sadao
Other OTH-2028 Scripting Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Ed. Rosenthal
3:10 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1053 Educational Uses of Icon and Braille+ Larry Skutchan
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1005 The ViibraCane - A White Cane for Tactile Navigation Guidance Bernhard Schmitz
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1073 VoiceOver in Snow Leopard Sarah Herrlinger
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1064 Work with RFB&D to Provide a DAISY PLUS Playback System for Free Stephanie Turner
Employment EMP-2005 Employer of Choice: Developments in U.S. Government Disability Employment Policies and Programs Dinah F. B. Cohen
Derek Shields
Employment EMP-1002 Transitioning Youths with Speech Disorders: Reasonable Accommodation Situations and Solutions Teresa Goddard
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2009 Planning to Design Accessible Flash Mia Lipner
Patty Newbold
Learning Disabilities LRN-1013 Overcoming Accessibility Challenges of Virtual Classrooms Susann Keohane
Legal Issues LGL-2008 Section 508 in the System Development Life Cycle Kyle Zdanowski
Other OTH-2006 Partnering with Industry to Achieve Wider Product Accessibility Mary Brooner
David Dzumba
K. Eric Larson
Rebecca Schwartz
Other OTH-2014 Section 508 Artifacts in the Systems Engineering Life Cycle Norman Robinson
Alice Smith
Other OTH-1045 Swype: A Revolutionary Next-Generation Text Input Randy Marsden
Postsecondary Education PSE-2005 Changing the Face of E-Text: Advances in Creation, Distribution, and Voicing Justyn Bell
Ian Campbell
Ed Gellenbeck

Thursday, March 25, 2010
6:30 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Other OTH-1049 Blind & Low Vision Orientation at CSUN San Diego: Morning 3/25/2010 Barbara Runco
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2031 Enhanced WordPower/Picture WordPower Vocabularies for Dynamic Display AAC Devices Nancy Inman
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1004 What is an Optimum Initial VOCA and How Should We Update It? Toyohiko Hayashi
Saeko Watanabe
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1072 Audio Descriptions for Internet Movies with High-Quality Voice Synthesis Chieko Asakawa
Hironobu Takagi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1035 Cell Phones and Mobile Devices Wesley Majerus
Anne Taylor
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1075 Developing a Test of Technology Assisted Reading Lois Frankel
Employment EMP-1006 Revolutionizing Accommodation Provision and Support: IBM Accessible Employment Business Process Transformation Experience Matthew King
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2014 Accessibility of Twitter for Mobile, Desktop and Web Dennis Lembree
Joseph O'Connor
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2061 Adobe Flex and AIR for Accessible Rich Internet Applications Andrew Kirkpatrick
Matt May
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2023 Web Accessibility Before and After Demo (BAD) Shadi Abou-Zahra
K-12 Education K12-2007 Five AT-Related Professionals and the Intersection of Their Roles in K12 Education Linda Oswalt
Legal Issues LGL-3003 Expert Zone: Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies Guido Corona
John Kemp
Axel Leblois
Susan Mazrui
Other OTH-2027 How to Make Friends and Remove Access Barriers In Open Source Software Eitan Isaacson
Other OTH-1030 Price-Efficient, Automated Production of DAISY-Books Using Max The DaisyMaker Andreas Hub
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2013 Viewing AAC Through Authentic Social Interactions Jeff Higginbotham
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2074 Application of Tactile and Auditory Semiotics in Products for the Blind Users Nazanin Oveisi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2059 Audio-Tactile Interactive Computing with the Livescribe Pulse Pen 2 Steven Landau
Joshua Miele
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1050 New Fully Accessible Wayfinding Technology Providing Walking Directions for Blind and Deafblind Joe Cioffi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2020 Screenreading Access to Statistical Packages for People with Visual Impairments Vincent Martin
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1012 Remote Text Services -- After you've made the decision Philip Hyssong
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1042 Bringing Document Accessibility to the Grassroots: The Promise of Author-Level Tools Monir ElRayes
Deborah Kaplan
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2049 Findings on RIAs Accessibility and Development of Accessible Custom Controls with Microsoft®Silverlight™ Takahiro Inada
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2031 Institutionalizing Web Accessibility Jayme Johnson
K-12 Education K12-1009 Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM): Considerations for Effective Implementation Kelly Fonner
Scott Marfilius
Donna McNear
K-12 Education K12-2019 Accessible Instructional Materials: Challenges, Solutions, Unresolved Questions Jeff Diedrich
Frank Irzyk
Ron Stewart
Other OTH-2008 Case Study: How CA is Developing its Processes to Achieve Pervasive Accessibility Joshua Brickman
Charlie Pike
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1019 Increasing the Speed and Accuracy of Text Input and Speech Output1 Jim Schroeder
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2063 Download Books and Access Online Content with the PLEXTALK Pocket Hiromitsu Fujimori
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1002 Making Complex Environments Accessible on the Basis of TANIA’s Augmented Navigation Support Andreas Hub
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2001 Understanding Time System for Elderly and Disabled people Roberto Casas
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1010 Creating Closed Captioned Content for BlackBerry Smartphones Greg Fields
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1035 A Second Look at Amazing Free Software and Other Cool Resources Doyle Burnett
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1006 CSUN Web Environment Improvement Project: Accessibility One Link at a Time Joseph O'Connor
Kimon Rethis
K-12 Education K12-1016 Big Bang Series - Software to Develop Visual Skills Roger Bates
K-12 Education K12-1003 Research on Emerging Technologies: A Panel Speaks about Research Funded by NCTI Tracy Gray
Cynthia Overton
Ruth Ziolkowski
Other OTH-1035 Adobe Open Forum Pete De Vasto
Andrew Kirkpatrick
Matt May
Greg Pisocky
Postsecondary Education PSE-1004 Building Comfort and Expertise in Assistive Technology: Hands-On Training for Rehabilitation Professionals Caren Sax
Postsecondary Education PSE-1014 Institutional Self-Study of Web Accessibility: Continuous Improvement for Our Nation’s Campuses Cyndi Rowland
Jon Whiting
Postsecondary Education PSE-1001 Vets-to-Vets Project Gaeir Dietrich
Myra Lerch
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1007 Can Computer Brain Games Maintain and Enhance Cognitive Skills in the Elderly? Donald Egolf
Aging and Disability AGE-2009 Incremental Universal Design: Increasing Accessibility While Reducing Stick Shock Denis Anson
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-3002 Effectiveness of Digitized and Synthetic Speech Output on Children with Autism: Review Mark O'Reilly
Sathiyaprakash Ramdoss
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1032 Parents' Perspectives of Children with an Augmentative Yeunjoo Lee
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1024 A System for Reading Non-Document Text for Persons with Vision Disabilities Ender Tekin
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1014 Accessible Geographical Information for People with Low Vision James Marston
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2067 BookSense: Learn, Educate, and Entertain with One of the Smallest DAISY Players Jeremy Curry
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2006 Awareness of Hearing Impaired Children about Digital World Samina Ashraf
Abdul Hameed
Learning Disabilities LRN-2010 EasyReader 'Bookshelf': Merging Cloud Technology and DAISY for a Wider Reading World Mattias Karlsson
Other OTH-1040 An Introduction to ATACP Damien Wimbush
Other OTH-1005 Use of Assistive Technology in Adapted Cognitive Assessment Lynn Driver
Donna Omichinski
Postsecondary Education PSE-1016 Project LOVE: CSUN to San Diego Celebration Eric Williams
1:50 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1024 Language, Literacy and Learning Supports for AAC Users with Developmental Disabilities Libby Rush
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2007 Supporting AAC in the Classroom and in Therapy Pati King-DeBaun
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1054 Accessible Alternative for Low Vision Musicians: Read, Write and Mark-Up Music Notation William McCann
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1049 Blind People Can Read Bills - The Last Frontier for Auto-Readers Lena Reznik
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2004 SeeScan: Camera-Phone Object Recognition for People with Visual Impairment David Ross
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2008 Making Telecommunications Accessible for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Employees Using NexTalk Enterprise Solution Richard Krafsig
Employment EMP-1008 Topics in Java and OpenDocument Accessibility Peter Korn
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1062 Assistive Technology Access to Flash and PDF Matt May
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2052 Lessons Learned While Making a Web 2.0 Enterprise Application Accessible Amy Chen
Don Mauck
Peter Wallack
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1026 Making Video Accessible: How to Do It, Step By Step Terrill Thompson
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2011 Usability/Accessibility in Web Conferencing Tools: Side-by-Side Comparison of Five Web Conferencing Tools Jon Gunderson
Hadi Rangin
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1036 Web 2.0 Accessibility Ling Luo
Learning Disabilities LRN-1004 Using Accessible Course Material – What is Involved? Kathleen Buob
Lyn Clemons
Other OTH-1026 Designing a Center to Provide Quality Assistive Technology Services at a Distance Kristine Neuber
Postsecondary Education PSE-2003 Implementing Accessibility in Faculty’s e-Learning Initiative Bjoern Fisseler
3:10 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1034 Optical Character Recognition: Flatbed Scanner VS. Camera-Based Solutions Tony Olivero
Clara Van Gerven
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2081 Orientation and Mobility Family Booklet Software: Helping Instructors Help Families Get Involved Larry Skutchan
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1032 Self-Voicing Graduate Record Examinations® (GRE)® General Test Lois Frankel
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2001 SUE – An Alternative Screen Reader for Linux Ramona Bunk
Andrea Gaal
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2038 Understanding End User Role in PDF Accessibility Caesar Eghtesadi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2062 Using Two Audio-Accessible Math Applications: ChattyInfty and Audio Graphing Calculator John Gardner
Masakazu Suzuki
Katsuhito Yamaguchi
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1009 Mobile Communication Solutions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Dave Dougall
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2016 Building an Accessible Web Browser: W3C User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Jim Allan
Kelly Ford
Jeanne Spellman
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2050 The New Yahoo! Homepage: Challenging the Challenge of Accessibility Victor Tsaran
Nicholas Zakas
K-12 Education K12-2015 AT Sharing 2.0 Eric Sailers
K-12 Education K12-1012 Universal Access Features of Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the iPhone Mark Coppin
Mark Dohn
Luis Perez
Legal Issues LGL-2001 New Tools for Public Participation: Web 2.0, New Media, and Inclusive Policymaking Paul Baker
John Bricout
Randy Cooper
Art Seavey
Andrew Ward
Other OTH-1029 Computer Accessibility for Those with Physical Impairments Mel Dashner
Other OTH-1015 Discover Open Source Assistive Technology Solutions Paul Lloyd
4:20 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1016 AAC Evals: Tips and Tools Lisa Bardach
Debby McBride
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2034 The In-TIC Project - New Software to Support AAC. Thais Pousada
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1068 How Notetakers Provide Personal Benefits, Wayfinding, and Classroom Help for Blind Consumers Peter Wuerl
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1041 Pocket Talking/Audio Book Players; Current Models for Reading and Extended Features Jule Ann Lieberman
Larry Skutchan
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1048 Solid-State Devices: The Next Generation of DAISY Players David Andrews
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1006 Sorting Through Portable Task and Behavior Supports Kelly Fonner
Scott Marfilius
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1013 A Beginner's Introduction to WAVE Aaron Andersen
Diogenes Hernandez
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-3043 A Proactive Approach to Web Accessibility for SharePoint Ken Nakata
Jeff Singleton
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1019 Evaluating the Accessibility of Digital Media Jayme Johnson
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2051 Improving Access To Web Platforms, Content, and Applications at Google Jonas Klink
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2067 Report on the Situation of Information and Communication Technology Accessibility in China HuiPing Cui
Other OTH-2007 Personalizing the User Interface of a Web Browsing Tool Takashi Saito
Postsecondary Education PSE-1013 Non-Visual Accessibility in Blackboard Learn Stephanie Cupp Weeks
Tony Olivero
Anne Taylor

Friday, March 26, 2010
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1022 Communication Success for Individuals with Autism: What Do I Need to Succeed? Patrick Brune
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1003 Emerging Developments in Augmentative and Alternative Communication Frank DeRuyter
Howard Shane
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1045 DAISY 101 Gaeir Dietrich
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1044 LEEP: An Innovative, Interactive Summer Program for Visually Impaired Young Adults Karin Agritelly
Steve Famiglietti
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1012 Sound Design: Enabling Access to Visual Dynamics for Visitors with Vision Impairments Bruce Walker
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1002 Real-Time, On-Line Sign Language Interpretation Service for the Deaf Community Lin Wen Chang
Employment EMP-2003 Interns with Disabilities--Working to Make the Web More Accessible Sheryl Burgstahler
Wendy Chisholm
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1017 Introduction to Creating Accessible Multimedia Al Floyd
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2002 Next Generation Web 2.0 Accessibility Test Tooling Jon Gunderson
Preety Kumar
Iosif (Vio) Onut
Richard Schwerdtfeger
Michael Squillace
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1063 PDF Accessibility - Best Practices for Authoring Greg Pisocky
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2022 Teaching Web Accessibility at the Source: In a University Web Design Class Vijay Patel
Other OTH-2011 Bookshare and Facebook – Using Social Media and Networking in Education Betsy Burgess
Other OTH-1023 How building automation technologies can be used to facilitate independent living? Shohreh Rashtian
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1060 Access to Internet Content and DAISY Books without a PC! Werner Haan
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2015 Effective Practices for Description of Science Content Within Digital Talking Books Bryan Gould
Madeleine Rothberg
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1033 From YouTube to YouAbility Norman Coombs
Beth Coombs
Marisol Miranda
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1009 On Self-Sufficiency of Verbal Route Directions for Blind Navigation with Prior Exposure Aliasgar Kutiyanawala
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1011 Selecting Appropriate Scanner/Reader – A Review by Legally Blind/Low Vision Optometrist Robert Gold
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2041 Captioning Beyond Compliance: Making Media Meaningful Pat Brogan
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2003 Stanford Captioning: A Workflow Model for Producing Captioned Media John Foliot
Sean Keegan
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2033 Ten Years of Web Content Accessibility Rules: Time for a Rethink? Roger Hudson
K-12 Education K12-1017 EZ Technology for the Classroom Brad Buelow
Learning Disabilities LRN-1002 Inexpensive, Yet Effective Tools for Reading, Writing and Literacy Debbie Drennan
Janet Nunez
Jan Tuber
Legal Issues LGL-2009 The IT Governance Umbrella and Accessibility-- A Case Study Involving SharePoint Accessibility Ken Nakata
Jeff Singleton
Other OTH-1031 Accessible Emergency Alerting for People with Disabilities John Bricout
Salimah LaForce
Frank Lucia
Richard Ray
Postsecondary Education PSE-2012 Integrating Technology in Campus in the Middle East KSU Case Khalid Alhamad
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1025 Eye Control Technology: A Direct Access Alternative Erin Beneteau
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2040 Future of Assistive Technologies for People with Combination of Blindness and Autism Shohreh Rashtian
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2010 On Automated Landmark Identification in Written Route Descriptions by Visually Impaired Individuals Aliasgar Kutiyanawala
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2028 Selecting a Portable Digital Daisy-MP3 Player for Blind and Low Vision Use Michelle Laramie
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1069 The Present and the Future of DAISY Player Technology Justin Oh
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2009 Memory and Organization Supports in the Palm of Your Hand! Joan Cunningham
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2011 Unique Learning System – Filling the “Educational Chasm” NCLB Left Behind John Standal
Employment EMP-2007 Integrating Accessibility Standards and Practices into a Large International Bank Pina D'Intino
Dan Shire
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2027 Making Rich Internet Applications Accessible Through jQuery Chris Blouch
Hans Hillen
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1064 PDF Troubleshooting for Blind and Low-Vision Users Pete De Vasto
Caesar Eghtesadi
Brad Hodges
Andrew Kirkpatrick
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1030 Preliminary Findings on Social Media Use and Accessibility: A Canadian Perspective Rhonda Amsel
Jennison Asuncion
Maria Barile
Jillian Budd
Catherine Fichten
Chris Gaulin
Learning Disabilities LRN-2008 Best Practices: Universally Accessible Reading, Writing, and Study Support with Kurzweil 3000 David Bradburn
Legal Issues LGL-1007 Sherpa: Accessibility Compliance Wizard Susann Keohane
Other OTH-2010 State AT Programs: A National Picture Emerges (Wow, Who Knew?) Deborah Buck
Postsecondary Education PSE-1008 Assistive Technology and Higher Education: A Collaboration for Provision of Electronic-Text Deanna Arbuckle
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-2008 Environmental Barriers to Community Mobility of Younger and Older Wheelchair Users Jon Sanford
Aging and Disability AGE-1003 User Interface of Mobile Tourist Information for Aging People Mitsuo Shimohata
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1008 AAC for Elderly People with Hearing, Speech or Memory Loss by Aging Rutvij Mehta
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1011 Innovative ICT Applications to Improve Communication among Elderly: a Case Studies Approach Annelies Veys
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2022 A Wiki-Based Environment for DAISY Text Production Alex Bernier
Dominique Burger
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2039 Contrasting Traditional Rehabilitation Models against Successful Practices Used by the Blind Kathryn Woodford
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2017 Global Accessibility Concept Fabrice Mercier
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1004 Insights Into Cognitive Web Accessibility Jared Smith
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1005 Innovative ICT Applications for Hearing Impaired Children – a Participatory Design Approach Pieter Duysburgh
Karin Slegers
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2007 Multi-User Web-Based Caption Editing System with Speech Recognition Cole Miyamoto
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1005 The Evolving Web and Its Impact on Accessibility and User Experience Richard Orme
Other OTH-2002 Design for All: Developing Training for the Designers of Future Technology Suzette Keith
Gill Whitney
Other OTH-1039 Learn How to Become a Presenter at the CSUN Conference Wayne Fernandes
Other OTH-1043 U. S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy Kathleen Martinez
1:50 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-3020 AAC Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Janie Cirlot-New
Lynn McConnell
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2028 The AAC Language Lab: Your Tool for Success! Annalee Anderson
Verda McGraw
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2047 Adaptive approach of Speech Rate controlling to Rapid DAISY BOOK Listening Kazumasa Takenaka
Naoyuki Tazawa
Shinichi Torihara
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1042 Listening to Movement: Audio Description, the Arts...and Whatever Moves You Joel Snyder
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2003 RFID Floors to Provide Indoor Navigation Information for People with Visual Impairment David Ross
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2031 Zone-Clipper: New and Effective Technology for Reading with Moderate Low Vision Wayne Dick
Abhay Mhatre
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1011 Video Accessibility for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Users in Flash Andrew Kirkpatrick
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2018 Building Accessibility Throughout the Document’s Life Cycle Al Floyd
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1015 Roles and Responsibilities: Who is Responsible for Accessibility? How Can We Help? Liz Miller
Kara Zirkle
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1020 Teachers' Domain: An Accessible Digital Library for Education Madeleine Rothberg
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2028 Tweet This: Make Social Media Accessible and Spreadable Guido Corona
Bob English
K-12 Education K12-2005 How San Diego Unified Embraced the Integrated 21st Century (i21) Interactive Classroom Susan Martinez
Other OTH-1038 An introduction to open source accessibility Steve Lee
Postsecondary Education PSE-1007 Mashups, Avatars, and the Growing Challenges for Accessible Distance Learning Philip Voorhees
Postsecondary Education PSE-3011 Music Analysis Accessible to University Blind Students Pierre Ferland
Tommy Théberge
3:10 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2030 Accessible User Interfaces for Consumer Electronics Equipment: Progress and Plans Eric Bridges
Larry Goldberg
Richard Orme
Paul Schroeder
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1056 Focus 40 Blue Bluetooth Braille Display Jonathan Mosen
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1070 Orator for BlackBerry Smartphones, Stay Connected to your Life Greg Fields
Michel Pepin
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2066 The Advantages of Window-Eyes Scripting Doug Geoffray
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2016 WearaBraille: Development of a Wireless, Virtual, Braille Keyboard Owen Edwards
Joshua Miele
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2003 Increasing Active Reponses Through Literacy Activities Kelly Fonner
Scott Marfilius
Kathy Staugler
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2032 Noteworthy Differences between WCAG 1 and 2 Timothy Springer
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1029 Twitter: Uses for Advancing Accessibility Awareness and Organizational Communication Jamal Mazrui
Mika Pyyhkala
K-12 Education K12-2006 Step by Step Dissection of Videos to Teach Social Language and Behavior Jennifer Jacobs
K-12 Education K12-2010 Using iPod Touch Applications as Assistive Technology for Students with Special Needs Mark Coppin
David Niemeijer
Eric Sailers
Samuel Sennott
Learning Disabilities LRN-1001 Selecting Software for Students with Learning Disabilities: An Online Educational Resource Jayme Johnson
Learning Disabilities LRN-1007 Use of the “Amazon Kindle 2” Among University Students with Reading Disabilities Dennis McDugall
James Skouge
Adam Tanners
Other OTH-2019 Digital Accessible Publishing Spotlight: Distribution, Standards and Challenges (DAISY related) George Kerscher
4:20 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2005 The Communication Enhancement Project: Integrating AAC for Students with Significant Disabilities Kelly Fonner
Dawn Jones
Sandy McIntyre
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1043 JAWS for Windows 11 New Features Eric Damery
Katsuhito Yamaguchi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2006 Object Localization System for the Blind: Designing a User-Centered Auditory Interface Florian Dramas
Christophe Jouffrais
Brian Katz
Marc Macé
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1004 Video Captioning at Google and YouTube Naomi Bilodeau
Ken Harrenstien
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2024 Beyond Accessible: New Digital Technologies and the Inclusive Workplace Paul Baker
Timothy Creagan
Bill Curtis-Davidson
Jim Tobias
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-3046 Use Case: Making Firebug Accessible Hans Hillen
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1038 Web Accessibility Preferences are for Sissies... and Other Universal Web Accessibility Concepts Jared Smith
Jon Whiting
K-12 Education K12-1002 Knowing State-Of-The-Art AT When You See It Tracy Gray
Cynthia Overton
K-12 Education K12-1018 Toolbelt Theory 2.0: Universal Design through Student Tech Choice Ira Socol
Legal Issues LGL-2010 The Enhanced VPAT® -- Empowering the VPAT through XML Ken Nakata
Ken Salaets
Legal Issues LGL-1005 Update on Accessible Web and Electronic Book Litigation Cynthia Waddell

Saturday, March 27, 2010
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2037 Language Fundamentals of AAC: Sentence Types, Morphology, Stages, Parts of Speech, Pragmatics Annalee Anderson
Bruce Baker
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1021 Location Information Literacy: Putting the World Within Reach Dawn Wilkinson
Dave Wilkinson
Employment EMP-2001 Developing Inclusive Workplace Accommodations for People with Disabilities: Results from Policy Research Paul Baker
Nathan Moon
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2047 HTML 5 Media Accessibility Chaals McCathieNevile
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2066 What's New at Bookshare? Kristina Cohen
K-12 Education K12-2014 AIM High: Motivating Students and Staff to Use Accessible Instructional Materials Cathy Hoesterey
Legal Issues LGL-1006 Turning a Blind Eye: Disparity in Accessibility for Blind and Visually Impaired Anna McClure
Other OTH-1009 An Assistive Technology Program: Meeting the Unmet Needs of People with Disabilities Holly Cohen
Other OTH-1034 Digital Stories-Effectively Communicating User Needs Mike Paciello
Postsecondary Education PSE-2006 Designing and Implementing a Campus-Wide License Server-Based Accessible Technology Network Roman Hernandez
Jeffrey Senge
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1002 Ease of Use Assistant - A Research Based Consumer Product Design Resource Brad Fain
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1017 Holidays, Events and Lite Tech Lori Dahlquist
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2009 PowerPoint: An Augmentative/Alternative Communication System Amy Garrett
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1078 PAC Mate Omni, Improving Educational Outcomes – A Professional’s Perspective Gloria Stuart
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2065 SenseView: The latest Portable and Desktop Technology for People with Low Vision Jeremy Curry
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2018 Windows 7 for Keyboard Users Alison Long
Steven Tyler
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-1012 WAVE as Part of a Group-Wide Web Accessibility Plan Aaron Andersen
Diogenes Hernandez
K-12 Education K12-2011 Discovering iPod Touch Applications as Assistive Technology for Students with Special Needs Mark Coppin
Eric Sailers
Samuel Sennott
Learning Disabilities LRN-2012 Real-Time Limited Information Presentation System for Persons with Learning Disabilities Kyota Aoki
Shinjiro Murayama
Other OTH-2012 Next Generation Computing Impacts on Computer Accessibility David Cowsert
Other OTH-1051 Project Possibility Team Finalists
SDSU Tech Team
Other OTH-1016 Universal Design for Learning (UDL) from Concept to Classroom Kim Uhlik
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1004 Importance of Accessibility for a Successful and Future-Proof Business Jose Artur Antao Ortega
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2018 Tricks of the Trade to Improve AAC Services Allison Yates
Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2014 Twitter for Poor Readers, Non-Readers and AAC Users Benjamin Slotznick
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1019 Expanded Services and Faster Access Through Remote Instruction Mark Nelson
Jeffrey Williams
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1002 Social Spaces for Research and Innovation for Independent Living Roberto Casas
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2048 Speech Enabled On-Line Forms - for Better Inclusion Niclas Bergstrom
K-12 Education K12-1013 Introduction to Stages Framework: Diagnostic Strategies for Learners with Cognitive/Language Challenge Madalaine Pugliese
Legal Issues LGL-1004 Update on UNCRPD and Proposed WIPO Treaty Cynthia Waddell
Postsecondary Education PSE-1015 Accommodating Mathematics in Higher Ed Gaeir Dietrich
John Gardner
Neil Soiffer
Postsecondary Education PSE-1010 What?! 2,566 Incidences of Participation in Accessibility Sessions! How? Mary Fran Breiling
Kim Uhlik
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-2001 Inclusive e-Services for all: Identifying Enablers for Upcoming Interaction Technologies Martin Boecker
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1023 The Jump-to-Science Project for Young Students with Visual Disabilities Masakazu Suzuki
Katsuhito Yamaguchi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1076 Touch Screen Mobile Phones: New Opportunities for Accessibility Caroline Ragot
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1079 VisionHunt™: A Cell Phone-Based Visual Aid Software Stavros Papastavrou
Georgios Stylianou
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1008 iPod and iPhone3G for Youth with ASF Gunnar Michelsen
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1003 Sign Language Pedagogical Agent Persona Instrument Benjaporn Saksiri
Internet/Web Accessibility WEB-2007 Firebug A11y Accessibility Extension for Web 2.0 Accessibility Evaluation and Reporting Jon Gunderson
K-12 Education K12-1008 Evaluating the New Alternative Format Provision Model for British K12 Education Steve Bennett
EA Draffan
Postsecondary Education PSE-1002 Empathic-User Activities for Training Pre-Service Teachers in A.T. Related Competencies and Understandings Austin Mulloy
Sathiyaprakash Ramdoss

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