General Sessions

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1011 A Systematic Approach for AAC Evaluations: Matching Individuals to Appropriate Devices Lisa Bardach
Debby McBride
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1013 PowerPoint and AAC: Assessment, Intervention and Evidence-Based Practice Jessica Gosnell
Sharon Shaham
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1033 Breezing Through: Using Technology to Teach Orientation Cecilia Robinson
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1018 ViewPlus: Innovative Products for Creating Accessible Text and Graphics Stephen Young
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1006 Free Software and More for Students with Severe Disabilities Doyle Burnett
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2024 A Simple Way to Stream Captioned Media Through Flash Player Haris Gunadi
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2025 Designing Learner Center Interface to Enhance Web Equity and Accessibility Soonhwa Seok
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2011 Framework to Support Online Credibility Evaluation by Web Users with Vision Loss Sambhavi Chandrashekar
Stephen Hockema
Donna Jodhan
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2041 Implementing ARIA for Real World Accessibility Thomas Logan
Jared Smith
Legal Issues LGL-2007 The Ten Year Impact of Section 508 on State E&IT Accessibility Initiatives Carl Blunt
Other OTH-2033 Capturing the History of Assistive Technology Chauncy Rucker
Other OTH-2038 Customizing Access to Mac OS X for Users with Physical Impairments P-1 Mark Coppin
Mel Dashner
David Niemeijer
Other OTH-1018 Eye Tracking Technology: Overview of Current Systems Leslie Aedo
Andy Lin
Jennifer Weaver
Other OTH-1039 Multi-Modal Communication Strategies for Girls Who Have Rett Syndrome Linda Burkhart
Other OTH-1071 Voting System Accessibility Case Study Mike Paciello
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2029 A Dynamic AAC Goals Planning Guide: Addressing Communicative Competence Across Ability Levels Holly Schneider
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1031 Symbols for Success Jacquie Clark
John Standal
Chrissy Wostmann
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1032 The Unity (R) Toolset: Making Unity Simple and Easy Russell Cross
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2068 Cost-Effective Ways to Help Low Vision Students Lena Reznik
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1060 NVDA: A Free, Open Source Screen Reader for Microsoft Windows Michael Curran
James Teh
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1064 PAC Mate Omni 6.1, the Next Generation Accessible Pocket PC Ron Miller
Jonathan Mosen
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1053 Producing Alternate Formats from Optical Character Recognition (OCR ) Wesley Majerus
Clara Van Gerven
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1027 The Impact of GPS on Visually Impaired Teens in British Columbia Dave Rathwell
Jessica Rathwell
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1025 Using RFID for E-Learning and Navigation Alex Mara
Cognitive Disabilities COG-3005 Developmental Writing Strategies for Emergent Writers Roxanne Butterfield
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1002 Interpreting, C-Print, CART and TypeWell - What Works Best for You? Philip Hyssong
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1007 Power of Face to Face Communication Emma Curry
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2027 Captioning Podcasts and Digital Media Jayme Johnson
K-12 Education K12-2010 An Overview of the Accessible Instructional Materials Consortium Kelly Fonner
Scott Marfilius
Donna McNear
Other OTH-1053 Wounded Warriors and Universal Design Dinah F. B. Cohen
Deborah Kaplan
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1012 AAC and Narrative Development Through Story Re-Telling Tracy Kovach
Gail Van Tatenhove
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1028 The VoicePal Levels: A Functional Tool for Teachers Lori Dahlquist
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2050 Evaluating Wayfinding Technologies – Some Considerations Alan Scott
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2008 SmartHomes for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities Greg Wellems
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2033 Mac OS X Accessibility Features Mary Beth Janes
Mike Shebanek
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-1013 PDF Accessibility: Manual and Tool-Based Approaches Ferass ElRayes
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2020 Promoting Web Accessibility: From Awareness to Outcomes Judy Brewer
K-12 Education K12-1001 Artificial Intelligence Tutoring Software for Blind and Visually Impaired Science Students Jeff Dittel
Benny Johnson
Learning Disabilities LRN-2003 A Computer-Mediated Learning Model for Learners with Learning Disabilities Soonhwa Seok
Legal Issues LGL-2009 Insurance Coverage of Audible Prescription Reading Devices as Durable Medical Equipment Dave Raistrick
Legal Issues LGL-1004 Update on Accessible Web Litigation and UN CRPD Cynthia Waddell
Other OTH-2032 Accessing and Building the Free California AT Loan Program (CATE) John Lee
Paul Mortola
Other OTH-2004 Using Laureate’s Free Syntax Assessment Software Mary Wilson
Postsecondary Education PSE-2010 The Missing Link? Design for All Elements in ICT Education Fostering eInclusion Klaus Miesenberger
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1005 Assistive Technologies and the Elderly: A State of the Art Report Donald Egolf
Aging and Disability AGE-1006 Embedded Sensor Scout Flooring System by Interface Flor C-H Zah
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1015 The VoicePal Levels: A Functional Tool for Teachers Amy Koch
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2018 Vocabulary Building in AAC: A Tool for Seamless Vocabulary Growth Kara Bidstrup
Margaret Perkins
Joan Sharp
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1008 Esys – More Than a Braille Display! Rebecka Boman
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1002 Eye-Pal Solo - The Next Generation of ABISee’s Instant Scanner-Readers Lena Reznik
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2028 Proof-of-Concept 3D Level Creation Tool for Blind Gamers Colin Machin
Employment EMP-2007 Case Studies for 13 Years of Successful Workplace Accommodation Solutions Paul Mitten
K-12 Education K12-1017 Hands-On: Accessible Books ‘How to’, Endless Possibilities! Brenda Bender
Kristina Cohen
Michel Pepin
Learning Disabilities LRN-1007 Introduction to Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Jaimi Groothuis
Learning Disabilities LRN-1010 Sustained Impacts of Text-to-Speech Software on Reading of Students with Disabilities Hye Jin Park
Kelly Roberts
Kiriko Takahashi
Legal Issues LGL-2008 Digital Accessibility in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Axel Leblois
Other OTH-1002 Introduction: New Entry of ELMO USA Corp. Natalie Baron
Postsecondary Education PSE-2011 Joint Study Programme on Accessible Web Design Klaus Miesenberger
Postsecondary Education PSE-1012 Masters of Science Program in Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Engineering at CSUN Jennifer Kalfsbeek-Goetz
C.T. Lin
1:50 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2002 Beyond Compliant–Accessibility by Design Rick Vertolli
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1006 ChatPC Silk: Expanding Communication Possibilities After a Stroke Belva Holman
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1066 Orator for BlackBerry: Blind Access Solution for BlackBerry Smartphones Greg Fields
Michel Pepin
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1041 Transition Begins Online Dawn Wilkinson
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1013 What's New with the Icon and Braille + Marc Mulcahy
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-3042 An Accessible Webmail and Calendar Product – Lessons Learned Philip DeGreen
Sahar Soufi
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2023 How to Make Your Flash Content Accessible and WCAG 2.0 Compliant Kazuhito Kidachi
Katsutoshi Tsuji
K-12 Education K12-2027 Trends and Futures in Accessible Media in the Classroom Tracy Gray
Learning Disabilities LRN-2009 A Real Time Learning Document Presentation Method for Learning Disabilities Shinjiro Murayama
Other OTH-3039 Customizing Access to MAC OS X for Users with Physical Impairments P-2 Mark Coppin
Mel Dashner
David Niemeijer
Other OTH-3029 Microsoft Windows 7 and Open Accessibility Jason Grieves
Nazia Zaman
Other OTH-2027 Optimizing NaturallySpeaking for Accuracy and Reliability Alan Cantor
Other OTH-2013 Visual Language Learning in Autism: Innovative Technology Lauren Stafford
3:10 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2061 Keys for Unlocking One’s Potential-Ingredients for a Successful Educational/Employment Experience Larry Lewis
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2045 Sciences as a Blind Person–Challenges to AT/IT and Study Organization Joachim Klaus
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2067 The Features of Window-Eyes 7 Doug Geoffray
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1011 Trekker Breeze: New, Simple Orientation Aid Julien Larose
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2071 ViewPlus Math and Science Curricula with Fully Accessible Illustrations John Gardner
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2038 VoiceOver, iTunes 8, iTunes U and iPod Nano Mary Beth Janes
Mike Shebanek
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1004 What's New at APH Larry Skutchan
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1010 User Efficient Voice Recognition Based Caption Editing System Ali Sobhi
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2012 How to Use Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 on Web Sites Michael Cooper
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2017 The Use of Virtual Worlds Among People with Disabilities Kel Smith
Learning Disabilities LRN-1024 Supporting Writing: Text-To-Speech and Spellcheck for All of Us Ira Socol
Other OTH-1015 Preparing Accessible Documents at the DTBook Format Using Free Software Dominique Archambault
4:20 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Other OTH-1014 Everyday with Morrie-Assistive Technology for Individuals with Lou Gehrig's Disease Alex Kurth

Thursday, March 19, 2009
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1002 Easier Living Through Technology Russ Holland
Jane Vincent
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1030 AAC in Your Pocket: Meet Proloquo2go for iphone and ipod David Niemeijer
Samuel Sennott
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1036 Access to All Kinds of Content on the Internet without a PC Werner Haan
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1094 Audio Description: An Aid to Literacy Joel Snyder
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1077 DAISY 101 Gaeir Dietrich
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1057 Gmail Accessibility: A Case Study of Accessibility for AJAX Applications Srinivas Annam
Loretta Guarino Reid
Jyotsna Kaki
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2065 Icon/Braille +: The All-in-One Solution for Visually Impaired Students Marc Mulcahy
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1014 New Products for The Blind and Low Vision from Maxi-Aids Barry Greenblatt
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2058 The Use of Microsoft Windows on Intel-Based McIntosh Platform Sunggye Hong
Hyun-wook Ka
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2034 A Collaborative Handbook of Best Practices for Web Accessibility Dana Simberkoff
James Thurston
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2032 Automated Evaluation of Cognitive Web Accessibility Aaron Andersen
Stefanie Walker
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-1009 DO-IT Video Search: A Case Study in Accessible Web and Multimedia Terrill Thompson
Learning Disabilities LRN-2005 A Program Resource Tool for Teachers Working with Special Education Students Michelle McClure
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1027 Breaking Tradition: Creating Static Communication Page Sets that Enhance Curriculum Integration Allison Yates
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1033 CVI and Complex Communication Needs: Characteristics and Strategies for AAC Linda Burkhart
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2037 Installing and Using the Solaris Operating System Using the Orca Screen Reader Mike Pedersen
Willie Walker
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2078 Using AutOMathic Blocks to Teach Braille Math to Children Arthur Karshmer
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2003 Dynavox Co-Pilot by Ablelink Technologies-AT for Confusion and Memory Issues Joan Cunningham
Anne Johnson
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2006 Accessible, Usable, Searchable On-line Video Geoff Freed
Employment EMP-2006 AccessComputing: Increasing the Participation of People with Disabilities in Computing Fields Wendy Chisholm
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2026 Creating 508/ADA Accessible Documents with Math Content Jacek Polewczak
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2018 Testing for 508/WCAG Website Accessibility Certifications Glenn Smith
Mary Jean Smith
K-12 Education K12-1014 Taking the First Steps Towards Reading with Phonics Instruction Brenda Bender
Learning Disabilities LRN-2021 Accessible Math Technologies Combined with Assistive Technology Ensure Success for All Students Stephen Noble
Jennifer Ray
Other OTH-1024 Assistive Technologies for Environmental Aids to Daily Living Donn Hilker
Jamie Mayo
Patty McTigue
Other OTH-1037 Revolutionary Next-Generation of Assisted Text Input: Swype Randy Marsden
Other OTH-2028 The SWEET Assistive Technology Toolkit for Providers of Young Children with Disabilities Jennifer Brown
Debbie Grant
Nancy Robinson
Kathleen Sadao
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1014 Picture Exchange Communication System Methodology in AAC Devices Donna Banzhof
Joseph Karr O'Connor
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1030 Assistive Technologies for the Blind and Visually Impaired on a Limited Budget David Tanner
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1056 Dueling Operating Systems Doug Geoffray
Jamal Mazrui
Mike Pedersen
Mike Shebanek
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1042 Haptic Belt for Delivering Nonverbal Cues to People Who are Blind/Visually Impaired Sreekar Krishna
Troy McDaniel
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2002 Cognitive Prosthetic to Support Independence in Executive Functioning for Soldiers with TBI Joan Cunningham
Rich Herold
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-3059 Advance ARIA Hans Hillen
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2014 Making Web Apps Work Like Desktop Apps Chris Blouch
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2035 The Accessibility Kit for SharePoint-A Community-Based Approach to Web Accessibility Dana Simberkoff
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-1002 The Hearsay Vision for Universally Accessible Web Yevgen Borodin
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2016 The New WCAG 2: Web Accessibility Q and A with the Editors Ben Caldwell
Michael Cooper
Loretta Guarino Reid
Shawn Henry
Gregg Vanderheiden
K-12 Education K12-1009 After Elementary School: Building a Quality AAC Class for Secondary Students Talya Kemper
Tammy Thompson-Cooke
K-12 Education K12-2021 Unlock the Mystery of Print: Strategies for Student Reading Achievement Jean Slater
Legal Issues LGL-2001 Enhancing Policy Activities Among NIDDR-Sponsored Projects: Developing Collaborative Policy Networks Paul Baker
Nathan Moon
Other OTH-2052 Facilitating Access for Disabled Workers to Telecom Applications Jean-Pierre Albinet
Fabrice Bonnaud
Other OTH-2021 Testing Products for Accessibility (VPATs) Guido Corona
John Kemp
Ken Salaets
Michael Takemura
Aubrey Woolley
Postsecondary Education PSE-1013 Update on the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) Cynthia Waddell
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1007 Public Participatory Approach to Building Maps of Barrier Free Environments Minah Kim
Aging and Disability AGE-2004 The Effects of Aquatic Exercise in People with Multiple Sclerosis Ai Katase
Mai Narasaki
Aging and Disability AGE-2003 The Graying of America: The Future of Training and Support Mike Calvo
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1021 Extensive Use of VOCA for Children with Communication Disorders Satsuki Aoki
Toyohiko Hayashi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2010 Improving Productivity Using the Braille Sense or Voice Sense Notetaker Raul Gallegos
Dan Weirich
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1009 JAWS 10, Tandem and AutoForms Mode Features Eric Damery
Eric Damery
Blind/Low Vision BLV-3029 Low Vision Reading Machines with Consideration of Color Sight Kyota Aoki
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2022 SeeStar: A Camera-Phone “OnStar” Service for People Who Are Blind David Ross
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1009 Living the Smart Life Joan Cunningham
Rich Herold
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2009 CART in the Classroom and in the World of Work Patricia Graves
Employment EMP-1008 Leading the Way with Accommodations Dinah F. B. Cohen
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2005 Magic Button: Integrated Standards Validation Thomas Brunet
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2007 OCW4ALL: Automatic Accessible Learning Materials Magi Almirall
K-12 Education K12-1016 Making Science Accessible to All Students Roxanne Butterfield
Jean Slater
Learning Disabilities LRN-1006 Ginger Spell® Uses Context to Correct Multiple Mistakes within a Sentence Simultaneously Miki (Michal) Feldman-Simon
Other OTH-2012 Engineering Design to Promote Adapted Physical Activity J. Kevin Taylor
Other OTH-2044 How to Use the Word to DAISY Add-In Norman Coombs
Beth Coombs
1:50 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-2001 WCAG 2.0 Addresses Older Web Users' Requirements Judy Brewer
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2026 Communicating in a Modern World, Part 1: Funding Implications Erin Beneteau
Keith Woodbury
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) BLV-3080 Eye-Com Biosensor for Assistive Communications & Control, Cognitive-Performance Evaluation, Drowsiness-Monitoring and Safety-Response William Torch
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1010 Mainstream Information and Communication Technology and People with Cognitive Disabilities: An Agenda David Dzumba
Clayton Lewis
Mike Paciello
Gregg Vanderheiden
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2007 Sorting Through Software for Behavior Supports and Organizers Kelly Fonner
Scott Marfilius
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2036 Creating Accessible Content with Adobe Creative Suite Greg Pisocky
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2049 Internet Explorer 8, ARIA and new Accessibility Features JP Gonzalez
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2043 You've Got Access: An Overview of Accessible Products from AOL Thomas Wlodkowski
K-12 Education K12-1004 The Technology Assisted Reading Assessment (TARA) Project: A View of the Test Lois Frankel
Learning Disabilities LRN-2015 Texthelp Tools and NIMAS Files–A Winning Combination Jennifer Ray
Legal Issues LGL-2003 State IT Accessibility Laws and Policies: Pointers and Pitfalls from Implementers Deborah Buck
Diane Golden
Linda Jaco
Deborah Kaplan
Other OTH-1023 AEGIS-Open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards-An FP7 Project Sally Cain
Greg Fields
Peter Korn
Thomas Wlodkowski
Other OTH-2043 Enhancing Accessibility by Creating Structured Documents Using the Word Styles Feature Norman Coombs
Beth Coombs
Marisol Miranda
Psychiatric Disabilities PSY-2001 Transitioning Youths with Mental Health Impairments: Assistive Technology and Reasonable Accommodation Kendra Duckworth
3:10 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1024 AAC Update from the RERC on Communication Enhancement Frank DeRuyter
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2008 Promoting Communication in Early Intervention Through the SWEET AT Training Module Jennifer Brown
Debbie Grant
Nancy Robinson
Kathleen Sadao
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1005 The AAC Profile: A Continuum of Learning for Children Using AAC Tracy Kovach
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2081 Introducing the J-Ware Product Line Brian Hartgen
Ed. Rosenthal
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1070 What's New in Zoomtext 9.18 Scott Moore
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1008 Communication Utilizing Today's Modern Technology for the Deaf-Blind Anindya Bhattacharyya
Greg Stilson
Employment EMP-2002 Transitioning to Universal Computer Access for the Workplace and Higher-Ed Scott Marfilius
Randy Marsden
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-1063 Access Board update of Section 508/255 Refresh of Accessibility Standards and Guidelines Phill Jenkins
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2044 WCAG 2.0 and Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 Cynthia Shelly
K-12 Education K12-2003 The Balanced Literacy Club Project: Supporting Students with Significant Disabilities Caroline Musselwhite
Other OTH-2016 CSU Digital Marketplace Initiative-Accessible, Affordable and Choice of Digital Content Rick Bowes
Caesar Eghtesadi
Brad Hodges
George Ward
Other OTH-1026 What’s New in Wireless: An Overview of Access Solutions to Promote Employment Mary Brooner
David Dzumba
Greg Fields
Susan Mazrui
Other OTH-1062 Zen-Autism and Mindfulness: A Natural Approach for Treating Behavioral Disabilities in Autism Maye Kongmalay
Postsecondary Education PSE-1015 DAISY Software Players, an Overview Ron Stewart
4:20 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2049 Selecting a Scanning and Reading System for Blind and Low Vision Use Michelle Laramie
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2020 Several Qualitative Observations on Independent Blind Shopping John Nicholson
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1044 Using iTunes and iPods Without Vision Brian Hartgen
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2059 Using Multiple Sensors in GPS Navigation Systems for the Blind Jun Ishikawa
Employment EMP-2001 Improving Workplace Accommodations: Initial Results of a Policy Delphi Study Paul Baker
Nathan Moon
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2010 How to Use W3C Guidelines to Achieve Legally Compliant Websites Wayne Dick
Tom Jewett
K-12 Education K12-2025 The Fun Factor: Integrating Multimedia into Boardmaker Plus Activities Enid Hurtado
Lisa Kehoe (Petit)
Other OTH-1022 The Business of Assistive Technology Niraj Parikh
Kavita Parikh

Friday, March 20, 2009
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2001 Comparing Eye Control with Switch Scanning: Speed, Accuracy, and Fatigue Levels Erin Beneteau
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2003 Linguistics and Behavior Analysis Find Common Theoretical Ground in AAC Bruce Baker
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1024 A Software Tool for Rapid Acquisition of Streetwise Geo-Referenced Maps Aliasgar Kutiyanawala
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2073 Access to Locally Televised On-Screen Information Geoff Freed
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1078 Word, Math, and DAISY: It All Adds Up Dennis Leas
Neil Soiffer
Masakazu Suzuki
Employment EMP-1010 Illustrating At-Based Work Arrangements at Alcatel-Lucent in France Jacques-Olivier Vallet
K-12 Education K12-2026 Aligned and Ready to Learn John Standal
Legal Issues LGL-2005 Twenty-First Century Accessible Technology and Telecommunications for People with Disabilities Jenifer Simpson
Other OTH-3031 An Advanced Methodology for Performing Accessibility Testing in the Federal Government Karl Groves
Other OTH-2041 Closing the Gap Between Industry IT Accessibility Standards and Competitive Productivity Matthew King
Jeff Kline
Other OTH-2068 DATE- Keynote Speaker Gail Sheehy
Other OTH-2020 Gaming for All Ages-The Key to Developing Skills and Motivation Mark Coppin
Mel Dashner
David Niemeijer
Other OTH-2006 Vizzle: Web-Based Visual Language Learning for Students with Autism Lauren Stafford
Postsecondary Education PSE-1018 Case Study: How the CSU System is Tackling Large Scale Captioning Kevin Erler
Jean Wells
Postsecondary Education PSE-2009 The Accessibility Challenge: A Professional Development Program that Works Mary Fran Breiling
W. Mei Fang
Hilary Nixon
Cynthia Rostankowski
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1007 How to Establish Augmentative Communication Options in the Health Care Setting Debby McBride
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-3034 Real-Time Speech Transcription Service to Improve Non-Native Speakers' Listening Comprehension Dan-ning Jiang
Paul Luther
Blind/Low Vision BLV-3063 Access to PDF: Improving Support of Assistive Technology in Acrobat and Reader Andres Gonzalez
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1034 Addition of RFID-Based Initialization and Object Recognition to the Navigation System TANIA Andreas Hub
Bernhard Schmitz
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2001 Assistive Technologies for the Deaf Blind-Advanced Topics David Tanner
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2035 Back to Black and White- Software to Develop Visual Skills Roger Bates
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2051 E-text with a Sound Jaroslaw Wiazowski
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2048 Introducing SUE: Screenreader & Usability Extensions Andrea Gaal
Martina Weicht
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2047 Recent Developments in Technology for People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired William Bielawski
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1075 Topics in Java, UNIX, and OpenDocument Accessibility Peter Korn
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2004 Captioning Solutions for Handheld Media and Mobile Devices Geoff Freed
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-1037 Books Without Basics Kristina Cohen
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-1040 Web Accessibility Evaluation with WAVE Aaron Andersen
Diogenes Hernandez
Jared Smith
K-12 Education K12-1006 Assistive Technology Loan Program: Making the Most of Limited Resources Frankie Fontenot
Cecilia Robinson
K-12 Education K12-2032 Using WordQ to Predict, Read, Edit, Support and Enhance Writing Kendra Grant
Learning Disabilities LRN-2022 A Snapshot On Success: Effective Assistive Technology Integration Heidi Burgess
Michelle Fahy
Other OTH-2069 DATE- Technology Panel Arlene Harris
Deborah Kaplan
Mike Paciello
Postsecondary Education PSE-1016 DAISY in Higher Education Gaeir Dietrich
Jayme Johnson
Sam Ogami
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2036 Point-and-Chat: Instant Messaging for AAC Users Benjamin Slotznick
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1019 Scanning Made Simple: Showcasing Saltillo's Scanning Devices Belva Holman
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2082 Dueling Scripting Sean Farrow
Doug Geoffray
Jamal Mazrui
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2092 World Class Business Productivity on the Icon and Braille+ Marc Mulcahy
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1001 In Control and Organized! Help for Short Term Memory Issues Kelly Fonner
Scott Marfilius
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2005 Managing Typewell Networks Effectively Haris Gunadi
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2001 Remote Captioning and Interpreting for STEM Students: Recommendations of a National Summit E. William Clymer
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2028 Architecting an Accessible Web 2.0 Widget Framework Victor Tsaran
K-12 Education K12-2024 Enhancing Reading Instruction with Kurzweil 3000 David Bradburn
Learning Disabilities LRN-1012 AudioAccess... The Benefits Go Beyond Words Stephanie Turner
Learning Disabilities LRN-1025 Text-to-Speech from the Start – A Primary Support for Lifespan Learning Ira Socol
Other OTH-1010 Accessibility Audit of a Community Using Public Participatory Geographic Information System (PPGIS) Wansoo Im
Other OTH-2064 Aging in Place Technology - Market View and Access Laurie Orlov
Susan Ayers Walker
Other OTH-1019 How Globalization is Reframing the Disability Market: What's in Your Future? Tracy Gray
Other OTH-2045 Open Source Software for DAISY - Today and in the Future Dominique Archambault
Markus Gylling
George Kerscher
Other OTH-2061 Using NFPA’s Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities Allan Fraser
Postsecondary Education PSE-1008 Accommodations to Accessibility: How Faculty Have Changed Their Culture in the CSU Jean Wells
Postsecondary Education PSE-1005 Assistive Technology and Higher Education: A Collaboration for Provision of Electronic-Text Deanna Arbuckle
Postsecondary Education PSE-2002 Implementing the CSU Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) at California State University, Northridge Susan Cullen
Deborah Kaplan
Joseph Karr O'Connor
Mark Turner
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1017 Innovative Assistance for Communication, Computer Access, Spelling/Writing Help, and Memory Assistance Jim Schroeder
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1016 The Total Package for Static Communication Contained in AMDi’s New Smart Series and Utility Software Allison Yates
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2004 World Knowledge and Word Usage in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Bruce Baker
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2062 Advanced Braille Display Functionality Sigi Kipke
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2023 Enhancing Information Selectivity for Persons Who are Blind David Ross
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1069 Esytime and Esyschool-Revolutionary Laptop Solutions for Work and Education! Rebecka Boman
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1016 Highlight on Accessible GPS Products Powered by Sendero GPS Charles LaPierre
Mike May
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2015 Novel Technology for Reading Rehabilitation for Patients with Central Vision Loss Michiel van Schaik
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1003 ZoomText 9.1 – Overview for the New User Scott Moore
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-1004 Adobe Accessibility: Consumer Update Andrew Kirkpatrick
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2003 Managing Disability Services and Student Accommodation Information Effectively Via Accessible Web Applications Robert Armas
Haris Gunadi
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2006 Mozilla, Firefox, and the Future of Web Accessibility Marco Zehe
K-12 Education K12-1011 Access, Participation, and Progress - AbleNet Editions Weekly Reader Mary Sagstetter
K-12 Education K12-2012 Getting Accessible (NIMAC) Textbooks for your Students with Print Disabilities Betsy Burgess
Kristina Cohen
Learning Disabilities LRN-1020 Improving the Web Browsing Environment for Dyslexics by Elaborating Functionalities Reiko Nagatsuma
Other OTH-1008 Accessaphone and You Glenda Faucheux
Other OTH-1007 Introduction to Computer Accessibility Cathy Kingeter
Other OTH-2009 The Fastest Track to Daisy Publishing; Lars Frederiksen
Niels Thogersen
1:50 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-2009 Senior Surfers 2.0: Re-Examining Older Web Users and the Dynamic Web Marguerite Bergel
Ann Chadwick-Dias
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2010 Animated Versus Static Graphic Symbols: Effects on Guessability, Name Agreement, and Identification Lisa Debrowski
Timothy Deluca
Maria Duggan
Meghan O'Brien
Ralf Schlosser
Howard Shane
James Sorce
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2032 Development of PDF User Guides for Blind and Visually Impaired Caesar Eghtesadi
Brad Hodges
Lee Huffman
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1039 I Got the Music in My Stream David Flament
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2043 Linux Accessibility Wesley Majerus
Tony Olivero
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2017 Portable Video Devices for Distance, Intermediate, and Near Activities Dave Bevers
Graham Strong
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1076 Utilizing Lotus Symphony to Create Open and Accessible Documents Brian Cragun
Susann Keohane
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-1015 March Madness: Web Accessibility Meets the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Terrill Thompson
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2019 RaisingTheFloor.Net-Building Access for All Directly into the Internet Gregg Vanderheiden
K-12 Education K12-2005 Mathematics: What K-12 Educators Need to Know About Assistive Technology Access Debbie Grant
Sherry Purcell
Other OTH-2040 Accessible Media in the Digital Age: Jets, iPods, DTV, Blu-Ray, and More Larry Goldberg
Other OTH-1056 An Introduction to ATACP Damien Wimbush
Other OTH-2066 DATE- Design Panel Neal Cutler
Jane Haas
Other OTH-2034 Research on Emerging Technologies: A Panel Speaks About Research Funded by NCTI Tracy Gray
Postsecondary Education PSE-1017 DAISY - The Road to Accessible Curricular Materials Ron Stewart
Postsecondary Education PSE-2004 QIAT Beyond IDEA Russ Holland
Dawn Wilkenson
3:10 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1009 Autism and AAC-When are High-Tech Options Necessary? Stephanie Serrano
Michaela Sullivan
Connie Suter
Tammy Thompson-Cooke
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2055 Mobile Devices and Productivity Wesley Majerus
Anne Taylor
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2040 New Technology and Techniques for Teaching Functional Braille to Adults Gayle Yarnall
Employment EMP-2004 Teleworking, Disabilities, and Socially Inclusive Workplaces Paul Baker
Nathan Moon
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2055 Social Accessibility: Fix any Page You Access Hironobu Takagi
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2058 Video for Everyone: Accessible Video with Flash Andrew Kirkpatrick
K-12 Education K12-1018 Expanding District Capacity to Deliver AT Services with ATSTAR Kelly Fonner
Jan McSorley
Sharron Rush
Joy Zabala
K-12 Education K12-1020 On-Going Professional Development: The AbleNet Student Achievement Program Mary Sagstetter
Learning Disabilities LRN-1011 Selecting Software for Students with Learning Disabilities: An Online Educational Resource Jayme Johnson
Legal Issues LGL-2002 The Reality of Universal Web Access at the University of Texas Glenda Sims
Other OTH-2067 DATE- Education Panel Dan Michel
Harry Murphy
Gary Small
Other OTH-1059 Tales From the Yahoo! Accessibility Lab Christopher Barr
Alan Brightman
Victor Tsaran
Postsecondary Education PSE-1006 Universal Design in Higher Education: From Principles to Practice Sheryl Burgstahler
4:20 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1022 The Pixon Project: Developing an AAC Language Development Curriculum Gail Van Tatenhove
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1031 Analysis of Accessible GPS Devices from Experts and Live Demonstrations from Users Jerry Kuns
Mike May
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2054 ViewPlus - American Physical Society Collaboration: Making Scholarly Publications Accessible John Gardner
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2022 First Year Reflections: Accessibility and Moving Student Services Online at CSUEB John Charles
Mary-Therese Schweickert
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2052 Writing for the Web: Lessons From Yahoo! Alan Brightman
K-12 Education K12-2013 New Curriculum Support from Kurzweil and IntelliTools Dave Robertshaw
K-12 Education K12-1019 News-2-You and Unique Learning System: Inform and Include All Learners Jacquie Clark
Chrissy Wostmann
Other OTH-2065 DATE- Closing Speaker Mary Furlong
Other OTH-1030 Using AT at Home and Work Kim Copeland
Sharon Ferguson
Tarun Manchanda
Aaron Markovits
David Mensch
Other OTH-2001 Web-Based Learning: Embrace Technology, Empower Yourself Lori Kraska
Other OTH-2036 What the Latest Technology Can Do for Deaf-Blind People Anindya Bhattacharyya
Bruce Visser
Other OTH-1017 Windows 7: Out of Box Accessibility Guy Barker
Nazia Zaman
Postsecondary Education PSE-1014 One College's Journey to a Quality Alternative Format Solution Steve Bennett
Daryl Murphy

Saturday, March 21, 2009
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1035 Activities of "POLLUXSTAR" Software to Reproduce in Ones Real Voice Using TTS Tsutomu Kaneyasu
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2074 Assistive Technologies for the Deaf Blind- Training Issues David Tanner
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2089 Information System Assisting Blind and Visually Impaired Persons Navigate to Desired Locations Orna Eran
Mary Hubbell
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2088 Turn Your Mobile Device Into a Mobile Partner! Melanie Endres
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1004 Kiwi Ingenuity and AT- The Kimi Ora Experience Dave Speden
Employment EMP-1011 Fostering Independence Using Assistive Technology from Post Secondary to a Vocational Setting Lorraine Norwich
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2056 Building Standards Compliant and Accessible Websites Using Opera Henny Swan
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-1054 Section 504 vs. Section 508: Ramifications on IT Accessibility Within SLG/EDU Markets Kurt Mueffelmann
Ken Nakata
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2021 Web Usability and Screen Readers Richard Douglass
Wayne Shebilske
K-12 Education K12-1030 Flat Friends Project- Flatten Your Students and Extend Flat Stanley Jerolyn Allen
Suzanne Feit
K-12 Education K12-1007 Universally-Designed, No-Brainer, Instructional Teaching Tools for All Students (UNITTS) Lynda Crouch
Tricia Parkhouse
Learning Disabilities LRN-1016 Bestow Your Struggling Writers Superpowers-Unleash Co:Writer and Write: Outloud! Jason Burke
Learning Disabilities LRN-2018 Beyond Written Drafts: Using WordQ and Inspiration Software throughout the Writing Process Kendra Grant
Learning Disabilities LRN-1014 State-Mandated Assessments – Ensure Accessibility for Struggling Students Jennifer Bell
Legal Issues LGL-1006 VPAT database - A System for Sharing Accessibility Information about Products Sam Ogami
Other OTH-1054 Accessibility Solutions for BlackBerry® Smartphones Dave Dougall
Other OTH-2055 Designing and Developing for Accessibility throughout the Life-Cycle Olive Au
Bill Curtis-Davidson
Postsecondary Education PSE-2003 Collaborating Assistive Technology with Language Arts Through Best Practices in Universal Design Tom Dalton
Steven Turner
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) K12-1023 Introduction of Vocabulary Symbols at an Early Age: What is the Outcome? Christine Hurtubise
Margaret Perkins
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2038 Tired of Using Switch Scanning? Maybe OneWay™ Can Help! Jim Schroeder
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-2023 We Write So They Can Read Caroline Musselwhite
Sara Perkins
Deanna Wagner
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2086 Deconstructing the Magic of the Harry Potter Web Site Howard Kramer
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2007 I.D. MATE OMNI: Power User’s Session – Thinking Outside the Bar Code Chad Allen
Anna McClure
Dave Raistrick
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2085 STEP-HEAR™ - RF Based Navigation and Information Reference Point System, for Blindness Yael Furman
Blind/Low Vision BLV-3087 The Daisy Online Standard: Where SOA, Daisy and the Web Come Together Kenny Johar
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1013 Memory Compensation Using Pocket PCs: Making Cognitive Connections for Brain Injury Survivors Michelle Wild
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-1051 Building a Holistic Web Accessibility Program Ken Nakata
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2053 Practical Web Accessibility Garry Grant
Steven Tchorzewski
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2029 Towards a More Accessible Browser Jim Allan
Jeanne Spellman
K-12 Education K12-1002 Adapted Lessons Integrating A.T. for Students with Significant Disabilities: Ready To Go! Rita Krupp
Kyndel Ross
Christine Villalobos
K-12 Education K12-2008 Books for Students with Print Disabilities Kristina Cohen
K-12 Education K12-1033 FreeTech – Ubiquitous Tools as Individualized Supports Ira Socol
Learning Disabilities LRN-2013 Budget Boosters – Inexpensive Help for Reading, Writing and Studying Sherri Parkins
Kevin Reinhardt
Other OTH-2058 Computer Access Via Tiny Body Sensory is No Longer Science Fiction Jim Kjendalen
Other OTH-1057 Evaluation of Phototacs- An Image-based Phone Book Michael Astrauskas
Postsecondary Education PSE-2007 The AccessText Information Network: An Association of American Publishers Digital Text Portal Christopher Lee
Robert Martinengo
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1037 AlphaCore: Communication & Telecommunications for People with ALS and other Literate Individuals Amy Roman
Augmentive and Alternative Communications (AAC) AAC-1025 Hot Topics for DD Adults–Let’s Talk Tango! Pati King-DeBaun
Sara Perkins
Deanna Wagner
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1094 Accessibility and Second Life: A Dream Coming True Nathan Lowell
Linda Mandlebaum
Jolie Mason
Louise Nicholson
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1006 Supernova Version 11, Driving Forward Usability & Productivity for Visually Impaired Professionals Steve Bennett
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2090 Three Case Studies in Web Design for Blind and Low Vision Users Marguerite Bergel
Ann Chadwick-Dias
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1046 WebAnywhere - Winner of 2008 Microsoft Imagine Cup Accessibility Competition Jeffrey Bigham
Annuska Perkins
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1014 Designing for Cognitive Accessibility: An icon-Based Organizer for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Tom Keating
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2011 Improving Web Form Accessibility Using Semantic XForms for People with Special Needs Amin Anjomshoaa
Employment EMP-1003 The Challenges of Training WCAG 2.0 in South East Asia Tom Babinszki
Larry Campbell
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2045 Developing Accessible Media Applications for the Web Using Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 Sean Hayes
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2060 Pre/Post User Testing: Quantifying Improvement And Persistent Issues In Transportation Website Redesign Michael Elledge
Sarah Swierenga
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2057 Text-To-Speech Service Going Mainstream - Audio Version As Universal Design Niclas Bergstrom
K-12 Education K12-2029 Computer-Based Accessible Testing System for High-Stakes and State-Mandated Tests Dennis Leas
David Schleppenbach
Waseem Sheikh
Learning Disabilities LRN-1017 Benefits of Recorded Lectures for Students with Disabilities Joe Franklin
Learning Disabilities LRN-1023 Research Study About How the ClassMate Reader Helped Non-Reading Learning Disabled Teenagers Liliana Acosta
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disability AGE-1010 New Features of Cell Phone for the Visually Impaired; Voice Input Mail Hitomi Arimitsu
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2019 On Sufficiency of Verbal Instructions for Independent Blind Shopping John Nicholson
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2021 SeeScan: Camera-Phone Object Recognition for People Who Are Blind Vincent Martin
David Ross
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2012 Software that Converts Documents into Large Print Formats for Low Vision Students Joe Cioffi
Employment EMP-1009 Share 25 Years of the Job Accommodation Network Experience Kendra Duckworth
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2050 Accessibility Model for the 21st Century: Transparency of Processes, SDOCs, and Regulation Ken Nakata
Internet/Web Accessibility WWW-2001 PDF and Word Accessibility: Making Documents Universally Usable Michael Parker
Mark Stimson
K-12 Education K12-1015 News-2-You and Unique Learning System: The Complete Curriculum Package Chrissy Wostmann
Learning Disabilities LRN-1008 Read&Write Gold for PC and Mac – Ensuring Success for All Students Jennifer Ray
Legal Issues LGL-1010 Copyright Exceptions: Respect, Update, DRM, and the Watermarking Alternative (DAISY track) Evan Hill
George Kerscher
Other OTH-1003 Life After Paralysis; Allen Rucker and How Movement Therapy with Flexiciser Helps Amber Hansen
Allen Rucker
Other OTH-2011 Relation between the Task Role of Assistive Robots and Their Social Role Maryam Mahani

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