General Sessions

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-1019 Hands-On Introduction to the Lingraphica Speech Generating Device Andrew Gomory
AAC AAC-2009 Literacy Skills: An Issue for The Nonverbal – A Consumer’s Perspective Rick Hohn
AAC AAC-2000 Meeting the Changing Vocabulary Demands of the Augmented Communicator in the Classroom Annalee Anderson
Bruce Baker
AAC AAC-1007 Wordcore 144: The Latest Speech Output Program in the Wordcore Series Russell Cross
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2010 Accessible PDF Authoring Techniques Pete De Vasto
Greg Pisocky
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1017 The Access—Full Smartphone with Braille Larry Lake
Internet/WWW WWW-3000 An Accessible Web Mail Product – Lessons Learned Donald Evans
David Pautler
Internet/WWW WWW-1002 Improving Access to Web Content at Google Wayne Dick
Loretta Guarino Reid
TV Raman
K-12 K12-2011 Do You Need a PAL (Packet of Adaptive Literature)? Laura Parks
Lisa Snyder
K-12 K12-2003 Integrating Text-To-Speech, Assistive Technology in Existing Curricula in High Schools in Hawaii Angela Pedro
Kelly Roberts
Legal Issues LEG-2000 Structured Negotiations: Effective Advocacy for Making Information and Information Technology More Accessible Lainey Feingold
Postsecondary PSE-1000 Providing Students with Textbooks in Alternative Formats: The Concordia University Model Charles Altman
Leo Bissonnette
Barouch Chai
Postsecondary PSE-1002 Technology Supports and Strategies for Older Individuals Scott Marfilius
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-1006 A Study in Preference in Symbolic Communication John Standal
Chrissy Wostmann
Assessment and Service Delivery ASD-2000 Assistive Technology Services for Children: Promoting Access and Ensuring Quality Ruth Benedict
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1011 Enhancing Distance Learning for Learners who are Blind or Visually Impaired Nick Brown
Shirley Evans
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2000 The Efficacy of Primary Electronic Travel Aids Debra Bauder
William Penrod
Thomas Simmons
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1020 Voiceover in MAC OS X Leopard Mary Beth Janes
Mike Shebanek
Employment EMP-1000 Scandinavian Solutions with Assistive Technology for Adults with Dyslexia Erik Arendal
Employment EMP-3000 Workplace Policy and the Interoperability of E-Systems Randy Cooper
Internet/WWW WWW-2021 User Interface Software (LowBrowse™) for Low Vision Access to the Internet Jianwei Lu
Internet/WWW OTH-2018 Web Accessibility: Legal ramifications and awareness within Higher Education Cynthia Waddell
K-12 K12-2006 Integrating Assistive Technology into Regular Education Settings: One State’s Success Jamie Hayhurst-Marshall
K-12 K12-1005 LIT-Literacy Integration Through Technology Training Kelly Fonner
K-12 K12-2007 Opening Doors to General Education Curriculum: Innovative Ways to Use Literacy Software Cathy Hoesterey
K-12 K12-2013 The SETT Framework: Straight from the Horse's Mouth! Joy Zabala
Learning Disabilities LRN-1001 Creating University/High School Connections Using Assistive Technology with Learning Disabled Students Mary Beth Foster
Mary Hinson
Rose Wilhite
Legal Issues LEG-2002 Update on the CSU Accessible Technology Initiative Wayne Dick
Deborah Kaplan
Mark Turner
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1029 How Notetakers Enhance Education, Communication, and Navigation Skills with Speech and Braille Clarence Whaley
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2016 New Methods of Learning Braille by Using Active Tactile Control (ATC) Technology Sigi Kipke
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2004 A Prompting System for the Cognitively Disabled Mabano Elie
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1004 Project Jumbo: Implementation of a Transcription IM Plug-In as an Assistive Technology Ira Forman
Legal Issues LEG-1000 Your Rights for Accessible Prescriptions: How Scriptalk Will Change Healthcare for Visually-Impaired Chad Allen
Other OTH-2017 Grantsmanship-an Overview and Defining the Problem for the Proposal Susan Chandler
1:50 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-1013 AAC and the Classroom Amy Koch
AAC AAC-1000 AAC Evaluations: Using a Toolkit Approach Lisa Bardach
Debby McBride
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1000 Accessibility Internet Browser (aiBrowser) for Multimedia Chieko Asakawa
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1009 International Computer Camp for Blind and Visually Disabled University Beginners Klaus Miesenberger
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1019 iTunes for the Blind Mary Beth Janes
Mike Shebanek
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2017 The Icare Ambient Interactive Shopping Environment Terri Hedgpeth
Sreekar Krishna
Employment EMP-1003 Disabled Veterans – Heroes Leading Assistive Technology Dana Marlowe
Internet/WWW WWW-1006 Advanced Web Accessibility Evaluation with WAVE Aaron Andersen
Jared Smith
Internet/WWW WWW-2017 Web 2.0 Mashup Accessibility Richard Schwerdtfeger
K-12 K12-1013 ATSTAR Authors Speak Out: A Curriculum Tool for District AT Planning Diana Carl
Julie Miller
Sharron Rush
K-12 K12-1009 Providing Girls with Disabilities Access to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Erika Frake
Meghan Kunz
Learning Disabilities LRN-1000 Free Bilingual Assistive Technology Solutions for Individuals with Learning Disabilities Elsa Orellano
Other OTH-1022 AT&T Launches New Services to Support Customers with Disabilities Michael Tempora
Other OTH-2015 How to Write Complete and Effective Bug Reports for Accessibility Issues Jeff Singleton
Postsecondary PSE-2002 Post-16 Students Matching Assistive Technologies with E-Learning Materials and Social Networking Applications E.A. Draffan
Mike Wald
3:10 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-1010 AAC Language Intervention: Balancing Natural Opportunities and Structured Teaching Lori Geist
Bryan Gold
AAC AAC-1002 Clinical Tools for Making Decisions about Device Selection Debby McBride
Libby Rush
AAC AAC-2002 The AAC-RERC's Writers Brigade: Outcomes and Impacts Sarah Blackstone
Lateef McLeod
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2009 Access to the GNOME Desktop for the Blind Professional Using Orca Mike Pedersen
Willie Walker
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2019 Adding Additional Accessibility Capabilities to Installed Software "AFTER" Shipment Gisbert Loff
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2022 Writing Accessible Accessibility Tools Michael Squillace
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2002 Welcoming Diversity in Distance Education: A Special Education Department’s Journey Adam Tanners
Employment EMP-2002 3270 Host Accessibility (3 Types) Phill Jenkins
Internet/WWW WWW-2018 Rich Internet Applications with Flash and Dreamweaver Andrew Kirkpatrick
Matt May
K-12 K12-2008 Accessible Online Learning: A Hands-On Lab Experience Using the Universal eLearner Barry Cronin
Caesar Eghtesadi
K-12 K12-1016 PixWriter 3.WOW Roxanne Butterfield
Jean Slater
Learning Disabilities LRN-1002 Phonetic Typing for Persons with Learning Disabilities Jim Schroeder
Other OTH-1004 New Universal Access Solutions for Physically Impaired Mac OS X Users David Niemeijer
Other OTH-2009 Perceptions of AT Satisfaction and Health-Related Well-Being by Persons with Multiple Sclerosis Patricia Wielandt
Postsecondary PSE-2000 Accessible Text Production: A Centralized Approach Stephen Blaeser
Mary Anne Epp
4:20 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Assessment and Service Delivery ASD-2006 Helping People Achieve – AAC and AT Down Under Alicia Cross
Assessment and Service Delivery ASD-2007 Show Me Off! Computer Access Assessment Linda Bidabe
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2018 "Wired for Business": Refreshable Braille in an Employment Setting Larry Lewis
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1006 Mathematics by Speech: A Case Study for the Italian Language Cristian Bernareggi
Valeria Brigatti
Blind/Low Vision BLV-3004 New Powerful Scripting Features in Windows-Eyes 7.0 Doug Geoffray
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1008 Victor Reader Stream Portable Daisy, Niso, and MP3 Player Michel Pepin
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2000 Captioning Solutions for Handheld Media and Mobile Devices Geoff Freed
Internet/WWW WWW-2025 Latest Accessibility Developments at Yahoo! Victor Tsaran
Internet/WWW WWW-2000 Making Web Applications Work Like Desktop Applications Through Keyboard Shortcuts Chris Blouch
Legal Issues LEG-1002 Capitalizing on Innovation: How Intellectual Property Law Drives Development of Assistive Technology Jack Chen
Other OTH-2010 Early Vocabulary and Communication Approaches for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Mary Wilson
Other OTH-1014 Evaluation of a Learning Technology for People with Vision Loss Selma Kouidri
Margaret Williams
Biljana Zuvela
Other OTH-3004 Math-Document Accessibility with Infty-Reader and Chatty-Infty Masakazu Suzuki
Katsuhito Yamaguchi
Postsecondary PSE-2008 Text Access: High and Low Assistive Technology for Print Disabilities Telina Daniels

Thursday, March 13, 2008
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-1003 Getting to Know You. Sharing Your Life Stories with the Tango. Patrick Brune
Caroline Musselwhite
AAC AAC-2011 Strategies for Enhancing Communication and Literacy Learning in Girls with Rett Syndrome Judy Lariviere
Aging and Disabilities AGE-2006 Developing a Really Comfortable Web Browser for IT Minorities Masakazu Takizawa
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2029 Audio/Touch Arithmetic for Children John Gardner
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2007 Improving Accessibility to Statistical Graphs Martin Lachance
Petro Verkhogliad
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2001 Best Practice: Level the Curriculum for Success Jo Meyer
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2003 Cognitive Support Technologies: The Missing Link Joan Cunningham
Rich Herold
K-12 K12-1018 “How to” Free Access for All Print-disabled Students in the US Lisa Friendly
K-12 K12-1000 Computer Access 101: Mac OSX and Windows Vista Randy Marsden
K-12 K12-2010 Test Me: Let Me Show You What I Know Scott Marfilius
Learning Disabilities LRN-2000 Mathematics and Dyslexia: A Possible Software Solution Fiorentino Ferraro
Corinna Freda
Silvio Pagliara
Alessandro Pepino
francesco zanfardino
Legal Issues LEG-2003 Refreshing the Section 255 and 508 Accessibility Regulations Timothy Creagan
Mike Paciello
Andi Snow-Weaver
Jim Tobias
Other OTH-1021 Commercially Made, Accessibly Formatted Books Readily Available Chris Stephen
Other OTH-2008 Reading Fluency Program Using Screen Reader Technology, K-12 and Adult Education Janice Walth
Ted Wattenberg
Other OTH-3006 Stabilizing the Concepts of Digital and Access within Research and Education Daniel Berkowitz
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-1021 Let's Tango! to Communication Patrick Brune
Aging and Disabilities AGE-2005 A Pilot Experience to Cognition Evaluation and Assessment in Gerontology: Gerontodigitalboard Pereira Loureiro
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2036 Portable Technology for People with Low Vision Jeremy Curry
Other OTH-1006 Data Tools to Assist the AT Team: The Tracker Series Kelly Fonner
Other OTH-1020 The End of Handicaps Ray Kurzweil
1:50 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-2013 AAC Authors . . . Writing Begining Books for Young Readers Caroline Musselwhite
Jane Odom
Deanna Wagner
AAC AAC-1014 De-Mystifying AAC Systems that Utilize Eye-Gaze John Standal
AAC AAC-2007 The State of Automated Data Logging for AAC Lewis Golinker
Jeff Higginbotham
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1016 Creating Blogs, Podcasts and Use of Social Media Tools with Screen Readers Mika Pyyhkala
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1010 Improving Student Productivity with the Icon and Braille Plus Marc Mulcahy
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2037 Kurzweil and the NFB: Inventing Technology Through the Power of Empowered Consumers James Gashel
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2033 Life Cycle of a DAISY Book with Math: From Authoring to Players Piotr Brzoza
John Gardner
Dennis Leas
Neil Soiffer
Masakazu Suzuki
Blind/Low Vision BLV-3000 Supernova Scripting: Powerful Scripts for the World’s Most Flexible Screen-Reader and Magnifier Steve Bennett
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1001 Evidence-Based Emergent Literacy Model for Students with Significant Disabilities Using AT Adaptations JONI NYGARD
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2001 Calling for Inclusive Design and Consumer Direction in Technology Jeff Rosen
Employment EMP-1002 Topics in Java, UNIX, and Open Document Accessibility Peter Korn
Internet/WWW WWW-2004 EURACERT, The First European Quality Label for Accessible Websites Dominique Burger
Pierre Guillou
Internet/WWW WWW-2003 Web Accessibility: The Latest on WAI Guidelines, Educational Resources, Standards Harmonization Process Jim Allan
Judy Brewer
K-12 K12-2009 Response to Intervention - Helping All Students Succeed Jean Slater
Other OTH-2000 Adaptive Technology in Public Libraries: Practical Experience and Lessons Learned Craig Brieske
Darryl Medley
Patrick Timony
Postsecondary PSE-2004 Closing the Adaptive Lab: Crazy or Innovative, You be the Judge Timothy Anno
Pamela King
Wade Wingler
3:10 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-2008 Matching Persons and Technology: Data-Driven AAC Assessments Katya Hill
Marcia Scherer
AAC AAC-2003 Start Spreading the News Sarah Blackstone
Carole Krezman
Michael Williams
Aging and Disabilities AGE-1003 European Disability Policies in an Ageing Context Inmaculada Placencia porrero
Assessment and Service Delivery ASD-1001 Does this Product Really do What it’s Supposed to? Luisa Ferronato
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2014 Guiding Grids in Augmented Maps for Precise Installation-Free Worldwide Blind Navigation Andreas Hub
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1021 The NFB Non-Visual Access Seal of Approval Preety Kumar
Anne Taylor
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1002 See What Others Hear Pat Billies
Internet/WWW WWW-2005 The Fluid Project: An Open Source Community for Inclusive Design Richard Schwerdtfeger
Internet/WWW WWW-1003 Web-Speak: A Customizable Speech-Based Web Navigation Interface for People with Disabilities Foad Hamidi
K-12 K12-1006 The Techmatrix Redesigned! Promising Practices and Educational Software Tracy Gray
Heidi Silver-Pacuilla
K-12 K12-1014 Using Technology to Individualize Learning Experiences in Reading Curricula for Deaf Children Rosalee Wolfe
K-12 K12-2012 Video Pod Casting Books and the Classroom Lectures Steve Timmer
Learning Disabilities LRN-1003 LD Students’ Experiences of Notetaking, Using Audio Notetaker and Digital Recorders Abi James
Tim Sutton
Other OTH-2005 Promising Practices in Math Accessibility at the Postsecondary Level Steve Noble
Other OTH-1010 Steps to Access by Tash: Switches and Computers Paula Justice
4:20 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Assessment and Service Delivery ASD-2001 AT Loan Library - Making it Work! Paul Mortola
Tien Pham
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2006 Accessibility of Next Generation Screen Reader Technology for Smartphones Gareth Collins
Caesar Eghtesadi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1001 Accessible GPS Overview and Comparison Plus Methodologies for Teaching and Training Mike May
Sandy Staples
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1015 Accessible Mobile Technology Ferran Gállego Santiago
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2005 JAWS for Windows 9 New Features and Benefits Eric Damery
Glen Gordon
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1000 Assistive Technology (AT) Training Approaches for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Heather Bunn
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1003 The Internet Captioning Forum: AOL, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, WGBH Tackle Online Captioning Alan Brightman
Larry Goldberg
Ken Harrenstien
Sean Hayes
Thomas Wlodkowski
Employment EMP-2003 UD & AT in the Workplace: A Study on Job Accommodation Beth Loy
Internet/WWW WWW-1004 Accessible Podcasting Jayme Johnson
Internet/WWW WWW-1008 Second Life: Level Playing Field or Just Another Inaccessible Community? Nathan Lowell
Linda Mandlebaum
K-12 K12-1011 Merging Standards Based Curriculum Using Activities, Books, and Computerized Assessment Debbie Grant
Kathie Maltby
Learning Disabilities LRN-2005 Improve Writing Skills: Pairing Assistive Technology with Motivating Writing Programs Alisha Magilei
Lisa Sandoval
Other OTH-2013 Making Podcasts and Vodcasts Accessible Dick Banks
Norman Coombs
Beth Coombs
Postsecondary PSE-2001 Accessible Text Production: Working with Publishers Stephen Blaeser
Mary Anne Epp
Postsecondary PSE-2006 Making Alternative Accessible - Plus Steve Timmer

Friday, March 14, 2008
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-2005 Functional, Independent Communication Using Auditory and Visual Scanning Brandi-Lynn Greig
Jill Tullman
AAC AAC-1005 Short on Time and Money? Make AT Work for All Students! Rita Krupp
Christine Villalobos
Assessment and Service Delivery ASD-2002 AAC/AT Outcomes Research and Data Capture Tools Frank DeRuyter
Jeffrey Jutai
Daniel Saldana
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1018 Access to All Kinds of Content on the Internet Without a PC Werner Haan
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1027 DAISY Track: The Most Widely Adopted Access Reading Technology in History David Andrews
Gaeir Dietrich
George Kerscher
Lynn Leith
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1002 Dueling Operating Systems Jamal Mazrui
Pratik Patel
Mika Pyyhkala
Janina Sajka
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2020 Online Braille Drill Using WESBraille Nathan Lowell
Laurie MacDonald
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1005 Using Robotics to Develop Social Skills in Children with ASD James Drane
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2006 Using Teaching Language Concepts for Language Instruction for Persons with Autism Meghan O'Brien
Howard Shane
James Sorce
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1000 Increase Access to Instruction with the Class Act Website Susan Foster
Internet/WWW WWW-1001 Accessibility Assistant - A Research Based Product Design and Procurement Resource Brad Fain
Internet/WWW WWW-3002 Improving Access to Web Interaction at Google Charles Chen
Loretta Guarino Reid
TV Raman
Internet/WWW WWW-2022 Web Accessibility Gone Wild Jared Smith
Jon Whiting
K-12 K12-1002 Tools for Students with AD/HD: From Low-To High-Tech Debbie Drennan
Janet Nunez
Other OTH-2001 See How Student Voices Math Homework with Mathtalk—Setup to Printing Nancilu McClellan
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-1004 CVI and Complex Communication Needs: Part 1 – Characteristics and AAC Strategies Linda Burkhart
John Costello
AAC AAC-1009 Encouraging Classroom Teachers to Implement AAC Kelly Fonner
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2011 Creating Math in Braille and MathML with Word, MathType, Duxbury, and GrindeQ Haris Gunadi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2013 In J-Say for Expanded PC Access Sue Martin
Ed. Rosenthal
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2021 New Features on the Braille+ Larry Skutchan
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1005 UltraCane – Using Ultrasonic Echoes to Minimize Dangers for Vision Impaired Travelers Rebecka Boman
Susan Dodds
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1001 Hearing Aid Compatible Digital Wireless Shellie Blakeney
Mary Brooner
Susan Mazrui
James Turner
Internet/WWW WWW-2012 Investigating the Psychosocial Impact of Assistive Technology for Computer and Internet Access David Harraway
Internet/WWW WWW-2026 Section 508 Compliance Through Web Content Management George Badine
Internet/WWW WWW-3004 The Accessibility Tools Framework (ACTF) Initiative Chieko Asakawa
Mike Paciello
K-12 K12-1001 Assistive Technology Demonstration by 3rd-5th Graders with Orthopedic Challenges; Claremont, CA Virginia McKee
K-12 K12-1008 The Four A’s for Emergent Literacy Success Libby Rush
Learning Disabilities LRN-1007 Catch That Spelling Error - Solutions Beyond the Word Processor Sherri Parkins
Kevin Reinhardt
Learning Disabilities LRN-1006 Get Informed, Get Involved, Get Onboard: DAISY E-books! Liliana Acosta
Nina Ghiselli
Susie Mckinnon
Other OTH-3001 New Standards and New Initiatives from Open A11y Peter Brunet
Earl Johnson
Gregory Rosmaita
Janina Sajka
Willie Walker
Other OTH-1012 Providing Effective Computer Experiences for Students with ASD: Using Cosmo’s Learning Systems Erin Lavin
Jill Tullman
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-1001 Augmentative Communication Tools for the Medical Setting Debby McBride
AAC AAC-2014 Outcomes of Graphic-Symbol Based AAC Interventions for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders Oliver Wendt
Assessment and Service Delivery ASD-2003 An AT Reuse Model: Southeastern Technology Access & Reuse (STAR) Network Doris Chadwell
Carolyn Phillips
Martha Rust
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1003 Accessible Audio Production for the Blind: Mix of Mainstream and Access Technology William McCann
Bryan Smart
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2008 BlindMath, A Scientific Editor for Blind Users:Testing Results Fiorentino Ferraro
Corinna Freda
Silvio Pagliara
Alessandro Pepino
francesco zanfardino
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2026 DAISY Track: Demand DAISY OK George Kerscher
Lynn Leith
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2001 Focus on 2020: Preparing Kindergarten Students with Visual Disabilities for Successful Futures Jim Fruchterman
Donna McNear
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-2003 Video Relay Services and Visual Educational Enhancement Mark Bella
Jeff Rosen
Roz Rosen
Butch Zein
Internet/WWW WWW-1007 Accessibility of Next Generation Web Applications Jared Smith
Internet/WWW WWW-2002 Automatic Testing, Page Sampling and Measuring Web Accessibility Giorgio Brajnik
Internet/WWW WWW-2016 Improvement of Web Accessibility: What a Japanese Web Production Company Can Do Kazuhito Kidachi
Katsutoshi Tsuji
Internet/WWW WWW-2007 Video on the Web: Accessibility of Players Crista Earl
Other OTH-2007 Accessibility of the California State University Digital Marketplace Enterprise System Caesar Eghtesadi
Brad Hodges
George Ward
Other OTH-1009 Best Practices in Accessibility: An IT Perspective Ken Salaets
Postsecondary PSE-1005 From Zero to 88: Rising to the Accessibility Challenge in Professional Development Mary Fran Breiling
W. Mei Fang
Mary Jo Gorney-Moreno
Shauna Moriarty
Postsecondary PSE-2003 Stem Integrated: Progress on Mathematics and Science for Students with Disabilities Karen Gourgey
Pratik Patel
Sheryll Porter
12:00 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1024 Enable Interactive Access to Map Images for People Who are Visually-Impaired Baoxin Li
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1028 Keeping up with WINDOW-EYES 7.0 Doug Geoffray
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2012 Zoom-EX - 1 lb. Device Turns Your Computer into Instant Scanner/Reader/Booksaver Lena Reznik
Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHH-1005 Effective Timing of Displaying Speaker's Face and Captions to Achieve Higher Comprehension Hayato Kuroki
K-12 K12-2015 Just In Time Learning: Implementing Multimodal Processing and Learning Principles for Education Dominic Massaro
Other OTH-1019 Introduction to Assistive Technology Applications Certificate Program (ATACP) Damien Wimbush
1:50 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-1008 AAC Update from the RERC on Communication Enhancement Frank DeRuyter
Jeff Higginbotham
Michael Williams
Aging and Disabilities AGE-2001 Ageing in Place: A Role for Assistive Technology Joan Cunningham
Rich Herold
Assessment and Service Delivery ASD-2004 How to Gather Useful Evidence for Access Assessment Heidi Koester
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2003 Accessibility for the Blind in Virtual Worlds William Carter
Guido Corona
Shinji Iizuka
Cole Miyamoto
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2032 Benefit of Good UI Design in Web-Applications for Disabled and Non-Disabled Users Anke Boeker
Tanja Schaetz
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2031 Case Study: Roadmap for Enabling Independence, Vocational Rehabilitation, Senior Services and Transition Randy Knapp
Jassen Tawil
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2027 DAISY Track: DAISY Production from a Text Source George Kerscher
Dennis Leas
Peter Proscia
Reed Shaffner
Ron Stewart
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1002 Expanding Choices Using an IntelliKeys Keyboard for Students with Moderate-Severe Disabilities Debbie Grant
Kathie Maltby
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2002 Multimedia Advocacy for People with Intellectual Disabilities – Models of Best Practice Simon Evans
Andy Minnion
Internet/WWW WWW-1011 Broadcasting Disability: An Exploratory Study of a Video-Sharing Website Barbara Bromley
K-12 K12-1003 Assistive Technology meets General Education with Kurzweil3000 and Classroom Suite Jennifer Edge-Savage
K-12 K12-2016 Go Beyond TV: Captioning and Audio Description for the Mulitmedia Environment Max Duckler
Learning Disabilities LRN-2001 Description of Rakuraku Phone: Mobile Telephone with Features for Japan`s Accessibility Issue Katsuhiko Hirosawa
Yoshinobu Nakamura
Learning Disabilities LRN-2004 Transitioning Youths with Learning Disabilities: A Look at AT and Accommodation Beth Loy
Other OTH-1018 "Curb Cuts": AT on TV John Lee
Paul Mortola
Other OTH-1013 Video Tutorials: A Convenient Medium for Learning to Use Assistive Technologies Toni Van Laarhoven
Other OTH-2002 Voice-Enabling a Web-Based Application: Lessons Learned Alan Cantor
3:10 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-1016 Time Saving Tips for Creators of Both Static and Dynamic Page Sets Allison Yates
AAC AAC-1011 Using the L*E*O in the Classroom Jeri Hoffman
Aging and Disabilities AGE-2007 Ageing, Disability and Technology Gorka Eizmendi
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1023 Braille Notetakers Full of Features David Tanner
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2028 Fast and Easy Markup of DTBook Files Niels Thogersen
Employment EMP-1001 Using Assistive Technology to Facilitate Transition into Employment for People with Disabilities Nick Brown
Shirley Evans
Internet/WWW WWW-1005 Accessible Internet Video Andrew Kirkpatrick
Internet/WWW WWW-3003 Automatic Image Classification for the Purpose of Determining Valid Alternative Text Timothy Springer
Internet/WWW WWW-2015 Case Study: Moving Student Services Online at California State University, East Bay John Charles
Mary-Therese Schweickert
Internet/WWW WWW-2008 Integrated/Portable Accessibility of Electronic Documents Monir ElRayes
Internet/WWW WWW-2013 Usability Assessments Improve Expert and Automated Accessibility Assessments Phill Jenkins
Dan Shire
K-12 K12-1010 Improving the Learning Environment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities Using Smartboard Soojin Jang
Estela Landeros-Dugourd
K-12 K12-2002 Introduction and Demonstration of an Assistive Tool for Children with Developmental Disabilities Joanne Cafiero
Ken Murata
K-12 K12-2001 Next™ Transition Skills System Ann Meyer
Legal Issues LEG-2001 International Perspectives on Conformance Assessment Approaches for IT Accessibility Ken Salaets
Other OTH-3000 Open A11y Proposal: A Standard to Enable AT Interaction with Specialized Content Peter Brunet
Gregory Rosmaita
Janina Sajka
Neil Soiffer
Other OTH-2014 The Digital Television Transition or “I Want My (Accessible) DTV” Larry Goldberg
4:20 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-2010 Development of a Bilingual Communication Aid for an ALS Patient Akemi Iida
Shimpei Kajima
Akira Ohta
Masako Takahashi
AAC AAC-1017 Introduction of "My Own Voice" Software Using Custom Speech Synthesis Technology Tsutomu Kaneyasu
Satoshi Watanabe
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2035 AutOMathic Blocks: The Next Step Arthur Karshmer
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2024 GPS: A Virtual Window to the World Dave Wilkinson
Dawn Wilkinson
Blind/Low Vision BLV-3001 IAccessible2 Development: An Accessibility API that Works for Assistive Technologies and Applications Peter Brunet
Michael Curran
Doug Geoffray
Andres Gonzalez
Glen Gordon
Mike Hill
Xing Li
Scott Moore
Richard Schwerdtfeger
Michael Squillace
Malte Timmermann
Mike Wirth
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2004 New ZoomText Scripting Edition - Enhancing Productivity and Success Scott Moore
Internet/WWW WWW-1009 DO-IT Video Search: A Case Study in Accessible Multimedia Terrill Thompson
Internet/WWW WWW-1012 Evangelizing Accessibility from within the User Experience Organization Amy Chen
Internet/WWW WWW-1014 Latest Accessibility Developments at Yahoo! Alan Brightman
Victor Tsaran
Internet/WWW WWW-2010 Taming Web 2.0 Accessibility Using the Dojo Open Source Toolkit Becky Gibson
Internet/WWW WWW-2014 The Universal eBook Assistive Technology Meets 21st Century Book Publishing Barry Cronin
Judy Vesel
K-12 K12-1017 Assistive Technology: Stacking the Deck to Win Eric Young
Learning Disabilities LRN-2006 Listening to Themselves: Student Writers Editing with Free Text-To-Speech Ira Socol
Postsecondary PSE-1001 Professional Learning Communities: Enacting Universal Design for Diverse Learners in Higher Education Chris Prator
Paula Selvester
Hsuying Ward
Postsecondary PSE-2005 Toward Total Access Without Breaking the Budget David Tanner

Saturday, March 15, 2008
8:00 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-2001 A Conversation About Talking Out Loud Julie Bisbee
Aging and Disabilities AGE-1001 Age-Related “Problems” with E-mail, Web Browsing and Word Processing et al Denis Anson
Gary Moulton
Aging and Disabilities AGE-1000 How Web Accessibility Guidelines Apply to Design for the Ageing Population Shadi Abou-Zahra
Andrew Arch
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1022 Accessible Technologies for the Deaf-Blind David Tanner
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1013 The Technology Assisted Reading Assessment (TARA) Project: Results from Phase I Lois Frankel
Cognitive Disabilities COG-1003 See, Hear, Feel, Read, Write: A Multi Sensory Approach to Early Literacy Paula Justice
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2010 Technologies for Self-Determination for Youth with Developmental Disabilities Mary Kelly
James Skouge
Employment EMP-1005 Creating a Consumer Network for Workplace Accommodations Robert Todd
Internet/WWW WWW-2019 Deconstructing the Magic of the Harry Potter Website Howard Kramer
Internet/WWW WWW-2011 Multi-Institutional Consortiums to Improve the Accessibility of Electronic Library Resources Mike Dicus
Khalilah Gambrell
Jon Gunderson
Hadi Rangin
K-12 K12-1004 Listening to Administrators: Learning About Decisions and Priorities Tracy Gray
Heidi Silver-Pacuilla
Learning Disabilities LRN-2002 How Dyslexic Students Use Text Assistive Technology to Read, Write and Study Elaine Huot
Other OTH-1005 Ask-It – Advancing the Mobility in Different Countries and Cities Nikolaos Floratos
Other OTH-1016 Indiana’s New at Initiatives: AT Incubators and Regional AT Centers Wade Wingler
9:20 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-2012 SGDs for Increased Communication, Participation, and Literacy Skills for Students with ASD Jill Tullman
AAC AAC-1012 Understanding Options and Making Decisions About Lite Tech AAC Libby Rush
Aging and Disabilities AGE-2000 Three Dimensional Gait Analysis on Aquatic Treadmill Walking in Individuals with Stroke Charalambos Charalambous
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1004 Coordinating Services for College-Bound Blind Musicians and Music Majors: Preparation, Technology, Team-Building Jodie Deutsch
Margaret Londergan
William McCann
Elise Schowalter
Richard Taesch
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2034 Wearable Sensory Substitution Devices John Zelek
Employment EMP-2000 An Adaptive Job Accommodation for Typing which Supports Hand Rehabilitation Paul Blair
Internet/WWW WWW-2006 Building Accessible Websites Using MOSS 2007 and the Accessibility Kit for SharePoint Daniel Hubbell
Dana Simberkoff
Internet/WWW WWW-3005 Yahoo! / TPG Case Study: Applying WAI-ARIA to Yahoo! Mail Hans Hillen
Victor Tsaran
K-12 K12-2004 Using Assistive Technology to Meet Mathematics Standards Debbie Grant
Sherry Purcell
Other OTH-2016 Accessibility Test Tools for Microsoft Active Accessibility and UI Automation Peter Lakov
Other OTH-1008 Accessible In-Flight Entertainment and Communication System Prototype for People with Disabilities Caesar Eghtesadi
Larry Goldberg
Other OTH-1017 Making and Using Adapted Toys for Educational and Recreation Success Kimberly Lilley
Other OTH-1011 Riding the Wave - Electronic Gaming for People with Disabilities Mel Dashner
David Niemeijer
Postsecondary PSE-1003 University of Washington: A Case Study in Accessible Technology in Education Sheryl Burgstahler
Terrill Thompson
10:40 AM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC AAC-1015 Case Study of a Versatile PDA-Based VOCA for Persons with Developmental Disabilities Toyohiko Hayashi
Akiko Sugaya
AAC AAC-2006 Demonstration of AAC Language Sample Collection and Analysis Barry Romich
Aging and Disabilities AGE-2004 The Use of Aquatic Ankle Weights on Gait Patterns in Water Do Kyeong Lee
Aging and Disabilities AGE-1002 Using Robots as Companions for the Elderly: Research and Controversy Donald Egolf
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2002 Accessing the Curriculum with Low-High Technology Tools for Beginning Braille Readers Donna McNear
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1025 An Interactive Audio-Tactile Way-Finding Kiosk for the Staten Island Ferry Steven Landau
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1007 Audiotactile Graphics Using Mainstream Smartpen Technology: A New Approach with Enormous Potential Joshua Miele
Andrew Van Schaack
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2030 Making Scientific Graphics Accessible with Viewplus IVEO® John Gardner
Employment EMP-1004 Make Signs Talk; “See” Your MP3’s – New Technologies: Capturatalk, Audio Notetaker Tim Sutton
Internet/WWW WWW-2020 Accessibility for Simple to Moderate Complexity DHTML Web Sites Cynthia Shelly
Internet/WWW WWW-1013 An Accessible Approach to Usability Testing Elizabeth Neal
Internet/WWW WWW-2001 Web 2.0 and Future Accessibility Development in the Opera Browser Chaals McCathieNevile
Learning Disabilities LRN-1004 Two Reading Methods of a Student with Learning Disabilities: An Efficiency Study Adam Tanners
Other OTH-3003 The Difference Between AT Leadership and Management and Why It Matters Aaron Markovits
Martin Sweeney
12:30 PM PST
Track/Topic ID Session Speaker(s)
Aging and Disabilities AGE-2002 The Aquatic Exercise Effects on Balance Improvement in People with Parkinson’s Disease Taeyou Jung
Miwa Kawasaki
Blind/Low Vision BLV-1012 Choosing the Right Screen Reader David Flament
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2023 Low-Cost and Free Screen Access Solutions Versus Full-Feature Software Anne Taylor
Blind/Low Vision BLV-2015 MathSpeak: A Spoken Mathematics Language for Disabled Learners Lyle Lloyd
David Schleppenbach
Cognitive Disabilities COG-2008 Way to Engage Students in Learning Anthony Goss
Jo Meyer
Employment EMP-1007 From One Task Jobs to Multitask Jobs Lorraine Norwich
K-12 K12-2000 How DO-IT does IT in Japan Sheryl Burgstahler
Kenryu Nakamura
K-12 K12-1012 Let’s Play! Ruth Nutter
Julie Wallace
K-12 K12-1007 Technology Solutions to Help Struggling Readers Be Successful in Math Martin McKay
Steve Noble
Learning Disabilities LRN-2007 Toolbelt for the Lifespan – Learning How to Learn Assistive Technology Ira Socol
Other OTH-1007 Announcing Technology in the Works 2008: Short-Term Collaborative Research Competition Tracy Gray
Heidi Silver-Pacuilla

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