General Sessions

Saturday, March 24, 2007
8:00 AM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
BLV-2156 A New and Emerging Technology Glenn Smith
K12-2115 Cambium Learning Technologies: Implementation Strategies Jennifer Edge-Savage
BLV-1111 Computer-Based Communications for the Deaf-Blind Steven Booth
Anne Taylor
BLV-3197 DAISY Pipeline, Automated Document Format Transformations. Read it Your Way George Kerscher
Jesper Klein
EMP-3106 Implementing Solutions for Accessing Graphics in 21st Century Environments Ameenah Lippold
Cari Stieglitz
BLV-2120 Project Math Access Gaylen Kapperman
Jodi Sticken
OTH-1124 Steps to Access by Tash Paula Justice
9:20 AM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
BLV-1158 Audio Description: The Visual Made Verbal Joel Snyder
K12-1129 Building Effective School-Based AT Teams with ATSTAR Kathy Carmain
Sharron Rush
AAC-1153 Current Issues for AAC Funding Lewis Golinker
K12-2110 From the Start of Class to the Final Exam Rick Plescia
BLV-1130 Interactive Courseware for Braille Literacy: SAL2 Steven Landau
BLV-1169 Introducing VisioVoice, a New Solution for Vision Impaired Mac OS X Users David Niemeijer
AAC-1133 Low Tech AAC for People with ALS Margaret Cotts
OTH-0121 PDF Accessibility Survey: Progress and Contradictions Alan Cantor
AAC-1146 POETRY POWER: Supporting Face-to-Face and Written Communication Jane Odom
Deanna Wagner
PSE-2104 'Sound Beam' as Adaptive Technology in Post-Secondary Setting Wink Harner
Keith Heffner
10:40 AM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC-1100 AAC-RERC Webcasts Johana Schwartz
WWW-1103 Accessibility & Usability Evaluation Methodology in Design & Development of EIT Applications Rick Bowes
BLV-2159 Accessible Smartphones: Abundant Applications for Productivity and Entertainment Torsten Brand
K12-3123 Differentiating Instruction with Topic Boards for Written Language Rhonda Johns
Cynthia Millikin
ASD-1100 How Do I Pay for IT? Richard Orme
WWW-2136 Making Books and Magazines Accessible and User-Friendly Using XML Crista Earl
Elizabeth Neal
BLV-2187 Mastering MAGic for the AT Trainer Dan Clark
Dusty Voorhees
BLV-2108 MathOMatic Blocks for Teaching Mathematics to the Visually Impaired Arthur Karshmer
BLV-2168 OpenOffice Document Access Using the Orca Screen Reader Mike Pedersen
Willie Walker
AAC-1149 The Brand of Disabilities: Understanding Perceptions and Changing Them Richard Ellenson
WWW-2106 Web Accessibility: Updating Your Policy and Management Plans for WCAG 2.0 Judy Brewer
12:00 PM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
WWW-1122 Audio CAPTCHA at Google Jennifer Bilotta
Richard Boardman
BLV-2157 Experiences Using Remote Network Applications with Screen Readers Kelly Bleach
Vita Zavoli
BLV-3141 Information Barrier-free Presentation System for Visually Impaired Users—Improving Access to Digital Broadcasting Tadahiro SAKAI
K12-1126 Showcasing Teacher Designed Technologies for K-12 Katie Klinger
Bill McGrath
K12-2134 Streaming Media and Multi-Sensory Learning: The Universal eLearner Barry Cronin
Matthew Kaplowitz
AAC-2160 The Effectiveness of Speech-Generating Devices for Children with Autism Oliver Wendt
LRN-1116 The Talking Wristband - A Self-Training Speech System Using RFID Tags Takeo Kondo
Kenryu Nakamura
WWW-2129 TransformAble: Customizing User Interfaces According to Individual Needs and Preferences Anastasia Cheetham
BLV-2155 Using the Linux Console on the Icon PDA Bill Freeman
Larry Skutchan

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