General Sessions

Friday, March 23, 2007
8:00 AM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC-2154 AAC Webcrawler: Enhance Augmentative Communication Fei Luo
K12-2114 Achieving Reading and Writing Independence with Kurzweil 3000 and IntelliKeys David Bradburn
AAC-2132 Age Appropriate Communication Supports for Adolescents and Adults with Severe/Profound Disabilities Mary Joan McClure
Libby Rush
WWW-2107 Creating Accessible PDF: How to Get from Here to There Andrew Kirkpatrick
Greg Pisocky
Greg Pisocky
WWW-2132 Firefox's Accessibility Ecosystem Alex Faaborg
Doug Geoffray
Aaron Leventhal
Scott Moore
BLV-2145 Introducing Icon and Icon Braille+ Larry Skutchan
BLV-2198 Launching WebAdapt2Me at a Comprehensive Urban University Wayne Dick
AAC-2136 Lego Robot Use By Children With Severe Disabilities Al Cook
BLV-2147 Making Broadcast Emergency Alerts and On-Screen Information Accessible Geoff Freed
COG-1100 PAL™ for Life Roxanne Butterfield
Jean Slater
LRN-1107 Profound and Multiple Difficulties: Assessment and Intervention, Hands-on Laura Cryer
AAC-1141 Reading, Writing, and Minspeak Karen Baca
BLV-1151 Results From 5-year NIDRR Wayfinding Grant and Future Prospects Nicholas Giudice
Charles LaPierre
Mike May
Paul Ponchillia
LRN-1102 Unveiling a New Portable Daisy Player, Designed for Students with Learning Disabilities Liliana Acosta
WWW-1124 Using a CMS to Create Fully Accessible Websites Jean-Marie D'Amour
Sebastien Rainville-Pitt
K12-2122 Using Assistive Technology to Meet Literacy Standards on the Secondary Level Debbie Grant
Sherry Purcell
LRN-1112 Using Lexia Learning Systems to Raise Reading Levels Adriana Carpio
EMP-2108 Workplace Accommodations: A Retrospective Analysis of Recommendations for Addressing Functional Limitations Michael Williams
9:20 AM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
BLV-1185 AAC in Acute Care: Keeping it Simple... Meeting the Needs Debby McBride
Juli Trautman Pearson
AAC-1123 AAC Update from the RERC on Communication Enhancement Kevin Caves
Frank DeRuyter
AAC-1131 Augmentative Communication, Assistive Technology, and Best Practices for Students with Significant Disabilities Judith Jennings
Katharine Wells
AGE-1109 Automatic Teller Machine for Elderly Users Hiroko Akatsu
AAC-1162 Circle of Friends Jane Odom
AAC-2127 Communicate 4: Preparing Youth Who Use AAC for Adulthood Barbara Collier
WWW-1130 Creating Accessible PDF files in Acrobat 8 Jon Whiting
BLV-1167 DAISY De-mystified: An Introduction to DAISY Books Gerry Chevalier
George Kerscher
Lynn Leith
BLV-1109 DAISY: Tactile and Audio/Tactile Graphics in Digital Talking Books Joshua Miele
OTH-1149 Discover Envoy and IntelliSwitch Open Lab Mary Senger
PSY-1100 Emotional Literacy: Exploring a Student’s Emotional Awareness Paul Nuttal
K12-2124 Energize Your Training! Incorporating Fun and Educational Materials into Assistive Technology Training Stephanie Bassler
Karyl Loux
BLV-1134 Introducing Talking Navigator Miriam Liskin
BLV-1161 Maestro, an Affordable Notetaker Solution Lucia Gomez
BLV-1107 Mobile Madness - Getting the Most from Your PDA with Pocket Hal Steve Bennett
Jane Brassington
Dave Williams
ASD-2109 Sorting through Word Prediction Systems Kelly Fonner
Scott Marfilius
OTH-2114 Technological Access Barriers for People with Disabilities: Wireless RERC and Policy Change Paul Baker
Nathan Moon
K12-1105 The Early Reading and Writing Matrices: Promising Technology Practices Tracy Gray
Heidi Silver-Pacuilla
BLV-2118 Tools for Improving OpenDocument Format (ODF) Accessibility Chieko Asakawa
Matthew King
Richard Schwerdtfeger
Hironobu Takagi
WWW-2113 Web Accessibility in Japan: Real Case Studies of Japanese Corporate Websites Makoto Ueki
10:40 AM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC-1157 AAC in the Workplace: The Survey Says? Glenn Moscoso
AAC-2121 ACCESS: The Key to Communication and Learning for Girls with Rett Syndrome Judy Lariviere
ASD-1110 Components for AT Success Leon McNaught Coordinator, ACRC
Barbara Kouba
OTH-1126 Connections for All Russ Holland
Mary Lester
Kavita Singh
Martin Sweeney
AAC-2140 Cyberlink Brainfingers Computer Access: Four Case Studies Andrew Junker
Nicola Liboni
BLV-2193 DAISY: Adding Math to Digital Talking Books George Kerscher
Dennis Leas
Neil Soiffer
LRN-1100 Dyslexia Strategies for Success – Software Intervention and Interactive Activities Laura Cryer
BLV-2153 Educating the Blind Using Technology Denise Robinson
BLV-1104 Get Smart with Smart Phone: Access for Smartphone Devices Using Smart Hal Steve Bennett
OTH-2104 IBM's Accessible Open Computing Strategy: Usable Access of Emerging Technologies and Platforms Catherine Laws
Richard Schwerdtfeger
AGE-1101 Living at Full Tilt Boogie: Boomers with Disabilities and Assistive Technology Melanie Fry
WWW-1139 Opening Doors: Mentoring on the Internet Scott Bellman
Sheryl Burgstahler
K12-1132 Strategies for Successful Professional Development in Assistive Technology Scott Marfilius
K12-1104 Supporting Technology Implementation: Online and On Time Heidi Silver-Pacuilla
PSE-1103 The Power of Story: Changing a Faculty Culture Jean Wells
K12-2102 Unique Public/Private Partnership Fosters Assistive Technology Integration for Michigan’s Blind Students John De Witt
Pat Love
BLV-2148 Using Book Wizard Producer with HTML and NIMAS to Produce DAISY Books Daniel Creasy
Larry Skutchan
LRN-1115 Using Talking Photo Albums as Assistive Technology Tools: A Broadened Perspective Harvey Pressman
Juli Trautman Pearson
BLV-2180 Using the Braille Sense for Communication and Education Clarence Whaley
12:00 PM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
BLV-3127 Accessible EPG and Closed Caption for Visually Impaired Persons Takuya Handa
WWW-3109 Accessible Video with Adobe Flash Andrew Kirkpatrick
Greg Pisocky
OTH-1147 An Introduction to ATACP Wayne Fernandes
ASD-1104 AT Outcome Data Collection Tools: Platform Independent and Web-Based Frank DeRuyter
Jeffrey Jutai
Jeffrey Jutai
PSE-1108 BFWD and Assistec: University Degrees in Accessible Web Design and Assistive Technologies Klaus Miesenberger
BLV-1114 Ergonomic Habits of Young Visually Impaired Users of Assistive Technology Michael Parker
Alec Peck
OTH-1102 I Can Roll, Topple and Throw! Inclusive Play for Multiply Disabled Children Svein Lillestølen
Knut Slatta
COG-2108 ICT-based Technical Aids for Three Congenitally Deafblind Persons Michael Cyrus
Frank Lunde
OTH-2100 Intregrating Athletes with a Disability Paul Kiteley
OTH-2133 Teacher Education in Assistive Technology Linda Chmiliar
YRC-2100 Techpreneurship of a Blind Computer Programer Sambhavi Chandrashekar
Harish Kumar Kotian
BLV-1128 The eBraille Score Service Project: Access to Music by Blind People Giuseppe Nicotra
ASD-1106 The Human Perspective of AT Use: Enhancing Service Provision Patricia Wielandt
OTH-2109 Using SSA Work Incentives to Link Disability Beneficiaries with Assistive Technology Scott Szymendera
1:45 PM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC-1119 AAC Applications for Hearing Impaired Individuals with Multiple Disabilities Gail Van Tatenhove
AAC-1156 AAC Consumers in Conversation with Manufacturers Kristen Gray
AAC-2158 AAC-North - a resource center in North-Western Russia Lia Kalinikova
Magnus Magnusson
OTH-2136 ACCESS CALIFORNIA: Expanding the Vision & Value of California’s Assistive Technology Network Mary Lester
Martin Sweeney
WWW-2125 Accessibility and the Mobile Web Geoff Freed
Natasha Lipkina
WWW-2131 Accessibility Evaluation of Next-Generation Web Applications Aaron Andersen
Jon Whiting
OTH-3119 Assistive Technology and Individuals with Deaf-Blindness Edward Gervasoni
AAC-1116 Boardmaker to the Rescue: Creating Visuals for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Dana Stump
K12-1119 Breaking Down Barriers: Successful Inclusion of Students with Autism Jean Slater
WWW-3143 Edge Out the Competition: Accessibility Accomplishments are a Marketplace Advantage Guido Corona
BLV-2136 Learning Braille with Active Tactile Control Sigi Kipke
BLV-2121 Magnify The Differences Simon Lakin
Stephen Nicholas Plumpton
AAC-1125 Mentoring Speech-Language Pathologists in AAC Assessment for Adults: A Manufacturer Representative-University Partnership Scott Chapman
Pamela Mathy
BLV-2135 Obtaining and Installing Ubuntu Linux Using the Orca Screen Reader Joanmarie Diggs
Mike Pedersen
WWW-1118 Research on Accessibility of Higher Education Websites Sheryl Burgstahler
Terrill Thompson
COG-2109 Standards with Our Kids? How Do I Do It? Anthony Goss
Jo Meyer
AGE-2102 Staying at Home: Safe and Easy Living David Grapka
LRN-1109 The Autism Spectrum Disorder - Issues and Interventions. Paul Nuttal
EMP-1107 Topics in Java, UNIX, and Open Document Format Accesibility Peter Korn
BLV-2179 Using Microsoft Office 2007 If You are Blind or Visually Impaired Doug Geoffray
EMP-2105 Workplace Accommodations: Barriers and Opportunities for Policy Change Paul Baker
3:05 PM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC-2118 AAC Assessment: School-Based or Clinic-Based – It's Not A Contest! Mary Ann Abbott
Mary Ann Lowe
OTH-1110 Access to In-Flight Entertainment Larry Goldberg
WWW-1121 Accessibility at Google: An Overview Jennifer Bilotta
Richard Boardman
K12-2111 Get Connected... 21st Century Classrooms with UDL! Ann Meyer
OTH-2130 IBM Rule-based Accessibility Validation Environment Michael Squillace
WWW-1137 Internet Delivery of Real-time Captioning Aaron Andersen
Jon Whiting
BLV-3184 Mobile Blind Navigation Through Subway Networks Jaime Sanchez
OTH-1120 NISAT - What is It & Why Should I Know About It? Deborah Buck
BLV-1115 PAC MATE Accessible Pocket PC Ron Miller
Jonathan Mosen
COG-2102 PDAs and Smartphones: New Interventions for Cognitive Disabilities Roberta Depompei
Yvonne Gillette
LRN-1113 RFB&D Ready for NIMAC Bernice Shapiro
Stephanie Turner
WWW-2112 Sakai: A Case Study of Accessibility in Open Source Applications Michael Elledge
Gonzalo Silverio
BLV-3165 Sensory Education for Blind Children using K-Sonar with KASPA Technology Ivan Pivac
ASD-1101 The Quad Profile©: A Simple Tool to Monitor Language Use in AAC Russell Cross
BLV-1110 TMAPReader and TMAPEnhancer: Annotation and Modification of Audiotactile Streetmaps Using the TTT Debby Gilden
Steven Landau
Joshua Miele
AAC-2103 Using AAC Devices to Meet the Criteria for the Language Arts Curriculum Adam Weiss
OTH-1123 Using Digital Photography in Special Education for Early Skills Building Heather Chirtea
OTH-3101 Using GIS to Calculate Urban Accessibility for Vision or Mobility Impaired Individuals Mats Reneland
4:25 PM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
COG-1103 A Touch of Science: Providing Science to Students with Severe Disabilities Kelly Fonner
AAC-2104 AAC: A Resource for Teaching Beginners Katya Hill
Barry Romich
BLV-1124 AFB TECH Evaluations: Small Screen Displays, Cell Phones, and Home Appliances Darren Burton
Lee Huffman
AAC-2124 Assessment and Implementation of Eye-Controlled AAC Devices with Individuals Who Have ALS Pamela Mathy
COG-1107 Bridging the Gap between Standards and Assessment Debbie Grant
Kathie Maltby
OTH-1113 Emergency Communication and People with Disabilities: Using Next Generation Alerts Helena Mitchell
AAC-2102 Learning and Using an AAC Vocabulary Dan Hefley
Robert Stump
COG-2111 Matching AT to User for Persons with Cognitive Disabilities Cathy Bodine
OTH-1141 Musical Intervention - Autism to Auditory Learners Paul Nuttal
DHH-2101 NTID Center on Access Technology E. William Clymer
PSE-1109 Sakai: JAWS Demonstration and Discussion of Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment Application Michael Elledge
WWW-3147 Screen Readers and Javascript Steve Faulkner
Gez Lemon
AAC-1139 Taking It Out of Context: AAC & Language Learning Tracy Kovach
Gail Van Tatenhove
BLV-2160 Talking MythTV: An Accessible Digital Video Recorder Madeleine Rothberg
BLV-1105 The AirTran Project James Ashworth
Doris Chadwell
Jack Gilson
Martha Rust
OTH-1116 The World at a Touch: Simple Environmental Controls Amy Koch
WWW-2101 What to Expect When Retrofitting Websites - Real-World Considerations Mark Urban
LRN-1119 Why Digital e-Books? Nina Ghiselli
Susie Mckinnon
EMP-2101 Work Experiences of Educators: Policy Implications for Accommodating Professionals Karen Milchus

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