General Sessions

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
9:20 AM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC-1130 A Review of Lite Tech Low Cost Communication Devices (Those under $1500) Mary Joan McClure
Libby Rush
AAC-2128 AAC and Expressing Personality Helen Canfield
Mary Sagstetter
BLV-3132 Automated Visual to Tactile Conversion Baoxin Li
Zheshen Wang
BLV-1129 British Columbia Students Get Credit Mallory Burton
Constance McAvoy
BLV-1163 DAISY On The BrailleNote: It's More Than Just The Spoken Word Dan Brown
ASD-2107 Evidence-based Practice in Access Assessment Heidi Koester
K12-1108 Fun, Fast and Fantastic Reading and Writing with Pictures and Text Roxanne Butterfield
Jean Slater
BLV-2176 Ink My Dots - Braille and Ink John Dion
BLV-2191 JAWS for Window and Microsoft Vista Eric Damery
AAC-1126 KAT Club (Keiki Assistive Technology Club) Lisa Ing
Liane Kajioka
Patricia Wright
WWW-2120 Making Website Accessible - Futureproof Web Design with Standards Kazuhito Kidachi
Kiyochika Nakamura
Katsutoshi Tsuji
BLV-1177 Never Eat Slimy Worms - A Professional Training Course for Trekker GPS Harold Abraham
Louis Duchesne
BLV-2117 Planting Textbooks & Harvesting DAISY's: A Model Program for E-Text Production Daniel Berkowitz
WWW-1102 Promoting Web Accessibility: Basic Approaches & Introductory Resources Shawn Henry
AAC-2143 Sue Center - More Than an Onscreen Keyboard Jon Bjornstad
DHH-2102 Teaching English as a Foreign Language to the Deaf Jakub Marecek
ASD-2103 The Toolbelt – Teaching Task-based AT Self-Determination Ira Socol
10:40 AM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC-2138 AAC Language Sample Demonstration Katya Hill
Barry Romich
PSE-2107 Accessibility of Electronic and Online Assessment Tools Lisa Fiedor
Saroj Primlani
BLV-2140 Accessible DAISY SVG Graphics with ViewPlus IVEO John Gardner
WWW-2128 Accessible Software Architectural Design and Standard Alex Li
Gisbert Loff
AGE-1112 Accommodating Seniors on $100/Computer or Less Jane Berliss-Vincent
BLV-2173 Augmenting MSAA to Enhance Accessibility and Multi-platform Development Peter Brunet
Larry Weiss
LRN-2103 Comparing Scan and Read Programs Annette Cerreta
Kristi Hansen
AAC-2137 Core Vocabulary Simplifies Life in School Settings Annalee Anderson
Bruce Baker
BLV-2190 DAISY: Seven Ways to Read a Book Gerry Chevalier
George Kerscher
Lynn Leith
Jennifer Sutton
LRN-1104 Feature Focus - Comparing Accessibility Suite, Kurzweil, TextHELP, WordQ+Word+WordWeb and WYNN Sherri Parkins
Kevin Reinhardt
WWW-1123 Selling Accessibility: A Win-Win Strategy Philip Kragnes
COG-2105 Send Your Students to Switch School! Linda Bidabe
WWW-3141 Testing For WCAG 2.0 Shadi Abou-Zahra
AAC-2106 Text Messaging and Augmentative Communication: Broadening Social Networks and Strengthening Language Judith Lunger-Bergh
Mira Shah
BLV-2181 Unmet Needs in Computer Training for the Blind Curtis Chong
Laurie Holtry
OTH-2115 Voice Math with Microsoft Speech Engine using MathTalk/ScientificNotebook Nancilu McClellan
BLV-1142 ZoomText for Windows Vista Cathy Gettel
Scott Moore
12:00 PM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
WWW-2135 Accessibility through Diversity: Alternative Formats in Online Learning Kirsten Bole
Natasha Boskic
Nathan Hapke
YRC-2101 Assisting Vision Impaired Persons in Evaluating Information Credibility on the Web Sambhavi Chandrashekar
OTH-1103 DAISY: Accessible PDF to DAISY/NIMAS Conversion Jim Fruchterman
Andres Gonzalez
Mike Wirth
BLV-2195 DAISY: Free, Open-source Tools from the Urakawa Project for Authoring Accessible Multimedia Marisa DeMeglio
Markus Gylling
Hiroshi Kawamura
Julien Quint
BLV-3196 DAISY: TPB Narrator – for Effective Synthetic Production of Digital Talking Books Jesper Klein
AGE-2105 Discoveries From Developing Computer-Based Communication Support for People with Dementia Norman Alm
LRN-1105 Easy Writer Writing Software for students with LD An-Ni Li
Hwa-pey Wang
PSE-1105 Innovative Practices in AT Training for LD (Dyslexic) Students Paul Blenkhorn
E.A. Draffan
Gareth Evans
OTH-2142 Managing Past IT Accessibility Roadblocks: Practical Steps You Can Take Now Ken Nakata
PSE-1106 TAAT: Technical Assistance on Access Technology Teresa Haven
LRN-1117 Text to Speech Software (TTSS): Improving Students Unaided Reading Comprehension and Skills Kelly Roberts
Lillian Segal
BLV-2131 The Evidence for the Effectiveness of Low Vision Assistive Technology Jeffrey Jutai
Graham Strong
K12-1120 Using an Animation-Based Technology to Support Reading Curricula for Deaf Elementary Schoolchildren Rosalee Wolfe
BLV-2106 Visionary VISTA, a Blackhole or a Supernova? Steve Bennett
Mike Hill
1:30 PM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
OTH-1145 Accessibility in Windows Vista Daniel Hubbell
Annuska Perkins
AAC-2112 Building Visual Scene Displays and Using Digital Images Holly Schneider
Kristin Whitfield
BLV-2152 Connecting The Dots Wirelessly JoAnn Becker
AAC-2111 Core Vocabulary in Second Grade: A Case Study of Two AAC Users Annalee Anderson
Bruce Baker
PSY-2101 DAISY: Disaster Preparedness of Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities in Urakawa Hiroshi Kawamura
Yayoi Kitamura
BLV-2116 DAISY-related: The Automated Internet Delivery of Talking Books, the New Zealand Experience Clive Lansink
Mary Schnackenberg
AAC-2152 Framing A Future: A Tool for Life Planning Judith Lunger-Bergh
K12-2113 Hands on Boardmaker Plus for Mac Dana Stump
AAC-2122 High-and-Low-Tech Communication Systems – A Consumer Perspective Rick Hohn
OTH-1139 How to Create a Successful Section 508 Program Where Everyone Wins Ellen Crowe
Fred DiFiore
EMP-2103 How to Establish and Operate a Successful AT Center Dinah F. B. Cohen
Derek Shields
AGE-1107 Introducing Japanese Accessible Mobile Phone in 2007 KEIKO ASANO
Katsuhiko Hirosawa
Yoshinobu Nakamura
Emi Wakabayashi
OTH-2111 Outcome Measurement for AT: What Does It Mean for Clinical Practice/Service Delivery? Frank DeRuyter
Jeffrey Jutai
WWW-2110 Ranking Websites Through Prioritized Web Accessibility Barriers Giorgio Brajnik
OTH-2108 SEEDS Assistive Technology Training Modules for Providers of Young Children with Disabilities Debbie Grant
Nancy Robinson
COG-2110 Take Less Time to Test Jo Meyer
WWW-2126 Transitioning Your Web Accessibility Project from WCAG 1.0 to WCAG 2.0 Shawn Henry
LRN-2106 Transitioning Youths with Learning Disabilities: A Look at Assistive Technology and Accommodation Beth Loy
OTH-2106 Usable Access for Collaborative IT Products: Going Beyond Simple Standards Compliance Richard Douglass
BLV-2178 Using Windows Vista if You are Blind or Visually Impaired Doug Geoffray
BLV-2125 Zoom-Ability: Portable PC-based Solution for the Visually Impaired from ABISee, Inc. Lena Reznik
2:50 PM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
AAC-1109 AAC Evaluations Simplified: Tools and Resources Debby McBride
Libby Rush
AAC-2134 AAC Solutions for Individuals with ALS Alisa Brownlee
DHH-2105 How to Caption Podcasts Kevin Erler
AAC-2108 Implementing Text-to-Speech Communication Devices for Literate Users Adam Weiss
WWW-1144 Incorporating Automated Testing into your Web Accessibility Strategy Irena Mroz
Kurt Mueffelmann
OTH-1148 Madentec Access Innovations for Tiger OSX and Windows Vista Mary Senger
WWW-2138 Making the Case for Standards Harmonization: an IBM Case Study Andrew LaHart
Andi Snow-Weaver
WWW-1117 PowerPoint & Friends: Accessible Slides on the Web Terrill Thompson
K12-1109 Standards + Technology = Access for ALL: Across the Curriculum (part 1) Roxanne Butterfield
Suzanne Feit
Anthony Goss
Jo Meyer
Mary Sagstetter
Mary Sweig Wilson
BLV-1150 TANIA A Tactile-Acoustical Navigation and Information Assistant for the 2007 CSUN Conference Andreas Hub
BLV-1175 Task Analysis for Independent Learning: Accessing the Curriculum using HandHeld Technologies Irma Navarrete
Elissa Poel
Kelly Scott
PSE-2110 The California State University’s Accessible Technology Initiative Mary Cheng
AGE-2100 Using a Movable Floor Pool for Aquatic Gait Training Taeyou Jung
Mai Narasaki
EMP-2102 Using Assistive Technology at Home and Work Javier Chavez
Kim Copeland
Tarun Manchanda
Aaron Markovits
David Mensch
COG-1106 Using Visuals Effectively to Build Independence Pat Crissey
BLV-1126 ZoomText 9: Dual Monitors and Large-Print Keyboard Cathy Gettel
Scott Moore

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