Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday, March 19, 2007
9:00 AM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
M5 Accessible Web Site Design Process: Production, Analysis, and Usability Hans Hillen
Charlie Pike
M3 Aging at Home and in the Workplace: Issues Surrounding Disability Dory Sabata
Jon Sanford
Michael Williams
M1 Building a Better Classroom: Engaging Autistic Students to Learn through Assistive Technology Myra Flint
Tracie Mauch
M4 The Motivating Factor: Creating Multimedia on the Mac without Mouse and Keyboard Kelly Fonner
Scott Marfilius
David Niemeijer

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
9:00 AM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
T2 Access to Speech Generating Devices: Strategies for Assessment and Practice Lisa Bardach
T4 Building Accessible Web Applications Steve Faulkner
Gez Lemon
T5 Concepts and Techniques for Creating Accessible, Closed Captioned Web-based Video David Klein
Kenneth Thompson
T1 Learn to Customize and Personalize JAWS for Windows Matt Ater
Steven Clark
T3 Overview of Assistive Technology Russ Holland
Bridgett Perry
1:30 PM PST
ID Session Speaker(s)
T6 Accommodations in the Workplace: The How–To–Guide for Employment Practices Sarah Endicott
Karen Milchus
T7 PowerPoint Tips and Tricks to Produce Professional-looking Presentations Debby Gilden

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