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Lou Lipschultz - United Webcast, LLC

Lou LouL

Dr. Lou Lipschultz (Lou) is the founder and CEO of United Webcast, LLC and the co-founder of Webisota. In addition to his career as a tech-entrepreneur, he has spoken around the world as an eye specialist specializing in various diseases of the eye, and the resulting impairment of vision (also called low vision) that results. He is also an expert on accessible technology, and accessible website design. He is the former CEO of one of the worlds largest manufacturers of low vision and blindness hardware and software.

Sample Materials for the Four Courses
Attached is a zip file of all handouts from the four courses provided at the Conference ...more

Roadmap for incorporating low vision into private practice
This lecture provides tips and recommendations for incorporating low vision rehabilitation into a private practice setting. The speakers’ perspectives are from that of an educator and that of a successful practitioner and business entrepreneur. A variety of basic prescribing tips and practice management strategies are included. Two cases briefly illustrate the management process covered in the two hour lecture. ...more

Growing a Practice During Challenging Economic Times
This course presents three key approaches to managing a practice during challenging economic times: Controlling costs, monitoring short and long term trends with data analysis, and focusing on specialty services, in particular, low vision. ...more

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