Course List

ID Course Track/Topic
PRM-1001 Growing a Practice During Challenging Economic Times Practice Management
PRM-2001 Vision Expo Magnify Your Future Lecture Series

Description: A series of four courses held at the Vision Expo East and West Conferences in 2010.

Practice Management
FED-2001 Field Enhancement from an optimistic clinician Field Enhancement Devices
FED-1001 Hemi’s and Driving: The Rehabilitation of Drivers with Hemianopsia Field Enhancement Devices
EXA-1001 Levels in Low Vision

Description: This diagram describes the basic exams components necessary to triage from primary low vision care to comprehensive rehabilitation.

The Examination
EXA-1002 Roadmap for incorporating low vision into private practice The Examination
EXA-2001 Case 1

Description: This is a virtual case with video clips and questions for discussion

The Examination
DMG-1001 Beyond AREDS: The TOZAL Study and AREDS2 Disease Management
CSU-OD-1001 Overview of Program

Description: This is a 15 min module describing the CentraSight Program in brief. The link below will take you to a login, please see your CentraSight support team member for your login information.


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