Client Support

Clients are individuals or companies who purchase our services. Clients have several options when support is required:

  • Setup & Configuration - if you select our optional setup and configuration services when you begin to build your venue, a limited number of support hours are available. If you do not select setup and configuration, you will need to refer to the other resources available.
  • Let'sGoEXPO Help Venue - a free source of video and desktop video with detailed instructions.
  • Paid support - you may purchase blocks of support time and our team of experts will assist you at any and all levels of setup and configuration. Contact Us for support package details
  • Email support - email a question and receive an email response within 24 hours.
  • Blog/knowledge center - refer to this resource to search for prior blog entries, or to ask questions of our growing base of users.

Alternatively, clients also may contract our team for any aspect of the development or management of your event or venue. Contact us if you would like additional details.