Once you have created your account and logged in, you will find yourself on the My Account page. Here you can manage your four different roles you can assume within the system:

  1. Attendee
  2. Speaker
  3. Exhibitor
  4. Host/Event owner

Under your hosting area, you will see all the companies for which you have rights to manage events. After creating your company (which may simply just be your name) you may then Create Events/Venues under that company. The Event/Venue types are:

  1. Rent a web conference room - (simply a url to a webconference room with tremendous flexibility)
  2. Survey Venue - a simple and accessible form generated survey that can be distributed to your target audience
  3. Meeting Venue - a mini website with event management functions, with a web conference room integrated.
  4. Online conference / tradeshow Venue - expanded functions including management of exhibitors, booths, sponsors and more
  5. Educational Venue - create an online text, audio, or video based course(s)
  6. Onsite Event Management Venue - manage any or all aspects of onsite events, conferences, or tradeshows

After selecting which type of venue you wish to configure, you will be prompted to add details about the event. Once that phase is complete, you will then be able to configure all aspects of your venue, as well as manage all content, accounting, attendees and more.


Venues can be configured in countless ways.

  • Free or for-a-fee (e-commerce is built into the system)
  • With or without live web conferencing
  • With or without registration
  • Private or visible to the public
  • With or without web conferencing
  • With or without advertising
  • With or without sponsorship
  • Much more specific to each type of venue.


Prior to making your event live, your the financial details must be confirmed. Costs vary slightly between venue types, but in general, fees consist of the following:

  1. Monthly hosting fees (billed in advance)
  2. Monthly rental the integrated web conference room (if desired)
  3. Media storage if over 1gb of storage space

Then, whenever you're ready, you may begin to promote your venue to the public. Distribute the url of your venue via any and all forms of marketing including pay per click advertising with Google, Yahoo, or other such marketers.