About Us

LetsGoExpo has a very unique history. Our sister company,, LLC provides marketing resources to manufacturers and vendors in the low vision and blindness arena. In working closely in that industry for many years, it was clear that many individuals with disabilities have difficulty getting to on-site tradeshows. For instance, the cumulative attendance to the 4 largest tradeshows in the low vision and blindness industry is approximately 10,000. Yet there are over 12 million low vision and blind individuals, and over 200,000 professionals servicing that industry. Clearly there is a need to bring the event to the attendee rather than the attendee to the event.

The development team created its first virtual tradeshow in the fall of 2005. Over 11,000 live attendees in three days, and 100,000 downloads of recorded presentations later, it was decided to create a separate company for this unique service. As time went on clients requested variations of the virtual tradeshow system such as accessible elearning, and accessible onsite conference management. And we're not done yet!

What makes LetsGoExpo different? We feel it is our commitment to inclusion. We have build LetsGoEXPO's front and back-end so that it is as accessible to disabled users as possible. We are committed to adhering to accessibility standards, as well as best practices in web and application development.

As a result of our commitment, multinational corporations, government, education, and even the individuals with disability can count now access a set of online tools that are usable, and as accessible as possible.